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Why don’t I feel guilty about using formulas



I had already made a decision long before I became pregnant. I will only feed my future children with formula milk powder. I have never reconsidered my choice. This is just one of the things I always knew I would do.I don’t know how much other people will influence my decision How guilty they make me feel. But I soon started to understand “Mother guilty“And what it means.

Countless women Leave a comment during my pregnancy For example: “Are you sure you don’t want to try?” or “You will at least try colostrum? “Or “you can Dedicated pump If you feel uncomfortable with feeding babies directly from you! “At the point I don’t even talk about what I’m doing. This is one of the main questions people ask me after I give birth to my son. When I give them the answer, I can always tell them that they spend 99% of the time. Judging me. Only a few people said, “It’s good for you. I hope I did it! “

I find it strange that how a woman chooses to feed her baby is so controversial. I drank it as soon as I got milk, and gave my son a bottle of milk powder from the beginning. Here are some reasons why I don’t feel guilty about using formulas.

Why don’t I feel guilty about using formulas

Anyone can feed my child.

This alone relieved my pressure as a mother. Anyone can feed my son, whether it is my husband, grandparents, Or caregiver. This means I don’t have to be present every time I feed.It also means that my husband and I can take turns easily Wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby So we can sleep. I can also leave home to run errands or spend time with friends at any time, without having to strategically schedule time for feed.

My body can belong to me again.

They always say that the pregnancy is 9 months. However, to be honest, if you count the number of weeks, it is 10 months.Then if you pass by your expiry date, We are talking about less than a whole year. It is almost a whole year that you give up your body to grow and cultivate another person (or people!).

Even if your pregnancy is fairly easy and there are no complications, it is still not a walk in the park.Every pregnancy usually accompanies some Uncomfortable moment, Especially for End of pregnancy. At my end, my Swollen ankles No matter what I did. As my son digs a hole in this area, my chest cavity on the right side keeps paining. I remember I was looking forward to getting out of these two situations.Let my body pass More possible discomfort Not what i want Postpartum recovery And take care of the newborn.

It is no secret what they eat and how much they eat.

The formula is In ounces, So you can easily know exactly how much they are ingesting. You can also understand more easily what may cause discomfort in your newborn because you can read the label in the formula and determine whether one of the ingredients may be the culprit.In this case, you can change To another and Try something else.

I can eat, drink and take any medicines I need.

a lot of Food and drink Not safe for babies or cause Backflow Or upset stomach. After a pregnancy full of restrictive items, I look forward to re-consuming some of them. This also means that I can take any medications I need without worrying about passing them on to my baby. If you like this, then beauty enhancers such as Botox and fillers will also be back on the table!

It eliminates at least one source of anxiety.

Knowing that I can “buy” my food supply for my newborn quickly eliminated at least one Anxious care. I can buy it at a roadside store, and even deliver it to my home.I don’t have to worry about whether my baby is full or why they are not eating enough atresia Or when/how much to smoke. By feeding my baby with formula milk, my baby can stay there 100% mentally and physically.

I connect with my baby in other ways.

Breastfeeding is just one of many ways that mothers can connect with their children. We snuggle together, Skin contact time When he is brand new, and spend time one-on-one together. I don’t think I have less relationship with my son than any other mother.

My son now 9 months old And it is booming! He has been in the top percentile of his height.he Sleep well at night And overall it is a very satisfying and happy baby! Is the formula the reason for these things? Maybe. Maybe not. But I think there is a mother who feels the best mentally and physically because of her feeding choices, it will not hurt!Regardless of How do you choose To feed your baby, whether it is formula milk or breastfeeding, you must be confident and proud of your choice, while remembering “feeding is the best!”


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