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If you are a new baby’s parent, then one of the many decisions you will have to make is what baby’s playpen to buy. There are so many options available, and it can be overwhelming!

In this blog post, we will go over some factors that you should consider when selecting your baby’s playpen, as well as our picks for the best baby’s playpens on the market.

Our Top Picks

#5 Best Playpens for Babies Of 2022

#1 Most Easy To Assemble Baby Playpen: ANGELBLISS Extra Large Playpens For Babies

#2 Best Portable Babys Playpen: Dripex Portable Baby Play pen

#3 Most Solid Baby Playpen: Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen

#4 Best Baby Outdoor Playpen: Evenflo Versatile Play Space

#5 Best Baby Playpen For The Beach: Hiccapop XL Pop Up Playpen


#3 Best Playards for Babies Of 2022

#1 Best Overall Baby Playard: Graco Pack N Play Simple Solutions Playard

#2 Best Value Baby Playard:  Baby Trend E Nursery Center Playard

#3 Best Baby Play yard For Twins: Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center Playard

For a detailed overview of the Best Baby’s Playpens and Playards click HERE

In a hurry?

If you don’t have time to read through the following article in order to find a product that would suit your needs best, no worries because we’ve done all the hard work for you. We hand-picked the top 3 products for you so you don’t have to go through all of them!

For a detailed overview of the Top Rated Humidifiers click HERE


Hiccapop Baby Playpen

Overall Rating: 4.7/5.0

  • 2 XL doors unzip for easy access from either side
  • Locks securely from the outside for ultimate safety
  • Reflective UV material protects the little ones from the sun 
  • Wind-proof safety locks ensure that the dome stays securely fastened
Check price on Amazon

Angelbliss Baby Playpen

Overall Rating: 4.4/5.0

  • Upgraded exclusive patent snap design makes the disassembly very fast (No tools required)
  • The four-sided breathable mesh gives you a quick glimpse of your little one from any angle
  • The highly resistant-duty oxford material offer not only stability but but it is also easy to clean as well
  • With a large size of 71*59*27 inches, there is plenty of room for toys, friends, or even pets
Check price on Amazon

Graco Pack N Play Baby Playard

Overall Rating: 4.6/5.0

  • Folding feet and wheels allow for 20% more compact fold
  • Has mesh storage pouch for keeping baby’s essentials right on playard
  • Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation
  • The durable frames make this playard ideal for travel
Check price on Amazon

What is a Baby’s Playpen?

Before we get started, it is essential to understand what a baby’s playpen is. A playpen can best be described as an enclosed area where your child can safely and comfortably play while you are in the same room or even working elsewhere. Playpens also give parents peace of mind knowing that their young children cannot crawl around areas where they may get hurt. Playpens give parents and caregivers the freedom to do what they need without always watching over their children.

What to Look for in Your Baby’s Playpen

The following are some factors that you should consider when selecting a playpen for your little one.

  • Size of Playpen: Make sure to measure the area where you plan on placing the playpen before purchasing it, just in case! If possible, select a baby’s playpen with an adjustable height so that as your child grows and becomes more mobile, you won’t have to buy another one.
  • Portability: Some parents prefer a playpen that can be quickly taken apart and moved around the house or even outside in your backyard. If this is what you are looking for in a baby’s playpen, we recommend checking out our portable picks below!
  • Quality of Playpen: The quality of the baby’s playpen is an essential factor to consider when shopping. If you buy a low-quality product, it will not last long and may even have safety issues that could pose a problem for your little one. You need to choose a lightweight but sturdy material at the same time, so you should aim for metal or plastic baby playpen.
  • Safety Features: For your baby’s playpen, look out for features such as locking mechanisms to prevent your little one from accidentally opening up the gate and crawling away. If possible, select a model that comes with an attached changing table, so you don’t have to purchase it separately!
  • Ease of Cleaning: Babies are messy! Make sure that any baby’s playpen you buy is easy to clean and doesn’t have too many nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate.
  • Storage: You want a playpen that has as much storage space as possible without compromising on the size of the baby’s play area! This way, you’ll be able to store all your little one’s toys within the playpen, so they don’t get lost.
  • Price: Of course, the price of your baby’s playpen is also something to consider before making a purchase! You want to buy a product that will not break the bank and fits within your budget. At the same time, remember that you should never sacrifice quality for lower prices! If you find a good deal, that is great, but do not choose an inferior product because it seems like the best bargain.
  • Additional Features: As you are shopping for your baby’s playpen, check out what other features each model has to offer. Some models come with toys attached which can help keep your little one entertained while they are inside the playpen. Others may come with a canopy to protect your child from any harmful UV rays during those hot summer days!

Assembly, Comfort, and Durability

When it comes to a baby’s playpen, you want a product that is easy to assemble and doesn’t require much time or effort. It would help if you also had something comfortable for your child – this means looking out for features such as padded walls or flooring, which will give them added comfort while playing inside the playpen. Finally, make sure the baby’s playpen is made from a durable material that will last for several years. You want to choose something that can withstand everyday use and won’t break down after only a few months of being used by your little one!

What is a playpen, playard, or pack ‘n play?

Even the most popular baby stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby, and Babies’R Us, use all three names interchangeably. So don’t worry if you’re a bit perplexed; you’re not alone.

A playpen, playard, or pack ‘n play is a small enclosure where kids and infants can play safely. Some portable baby play pen fences are made of plastic or wood, while others have a metal frame with mesh walls.

The enclosed area creates a safe place for your baby to have independent playtime without constant supervision. This allows you to cook, clean, or take a short break. Children, on the other hand, should never be left alone for an extended period.

You can also buy playpens that are portable kid’s beds, which is something many people like. While some playpens and play yards are essentially “free-standing” placed directly on the floor, you have playards that may be utilized as portable child’s beds. In both cases, the walls on each side are tall enough so your child can’t climb out.

Playards are small, foldable, and simple to put together. You can also get 3-in-1 playards with a built-in bassinet, napper, and changing table.

The bottom line is that the category name playpen encompasses both free-standing baby gates and playards. While Pack’ n Play is a well-known brand of current playards.

What are playards used for?

A player is where your baby can sleep, lounge around, and even take a quick nap. Pack n Play’s are great for traveling because they fit easily in the trunk of a car or overhead storage on an airplane.

While there isn’t much use to buying just any playpen since you won’t be able to do much inside of it, playards come with a bassinet and changing table.

You can put your baby down for some naptime or quick rest using either the top portion, which acts as a bassinet or underneath where there’s a diaper-changing area. This way, you don’t have to bend over every time your child needs something constantly!

What is the difference between a playpen vs. playard?


The term “playpen” refers to a modest item of furniture that allows your baby to remain secure while you are occupied. Playpens have evolved considerably during the last century, from being made of vertical wood bars to being constructed of plastic, metal, and mesh.

Playards usually come with a soft mattress, but this isn’t always the case. This is why many parents place a floor mat within the playpen area.

Playards, like the Pack’ n Play, are more modern and feature all of the bells and whistles today. A detachable bassinet, feeding station, storage, shelves, mobiles, storage, night lights, and other amenities are included in these extra features.

A further improvement is the collapse and folds features, which allow parents to store and transport the playard quickly.

The most significant distinction is the cost, as playards are typically more expensive than a basic playpen.

What is the main difference between a crib vs. a playard?


The significant distinction between a crib and a playard is mobility and durability. Metal foldable frames are used to create playards made of lightweight materials like plastic and mesh. On the other hand, a crib is generally made of wood and may be taken out the door frame without dismantling the whole bed.

The modern playards available for sale are very much comparable to a standard crib. As a result, many parents ask whether the playard is okay for their child to sleep in.

The simple answer is yes, a player may be utilized for sleeping, but it isn’t as relaxing as a crib.

A crib typically necessitates a mattress that is five times thicker than a playard mattress. As your kid grows, the playard’s thin mattress may become insufficient, and an upgrade will be required. Both cribs and playards may be used as a secure location for your child to play, in addition to sleeping.

Pros and cons

  • Both can be used to play and sleep (night or naps)
  • Playards take less space in the room
  • Playard can be easily folded and stored away to free up space
  • Playard might require an extra mattress to be more comfortable
  • Cribs are more durable because they stay in the room
  • Cribs are usually more stylish than playard
  • Cribs are not portable
  • Cribs are more expensive

 Top #5 Baby’s Playpens of 2022

#1 Most easy to assemble baby playpen: ANGELBLISS Extra Large Playpen for babies

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Upgraded exclusive patent snap design makes the disassembly very fast (No tools required)
  • The four-sided breathable mesh gives you a quick glimpse of your little one from any angle
  • The highly resistant-duty oxford material offer not only stability but but it is also easy to clean as well
  • With a large size of 71*59*27 inches, there is plenty of room for toys, friends, or even pets

The Angelbliss Playpen Set includes all the features you need to convert your home into a comfortable, safe kid-friendly environment. The sturdy material and 4 breathable panels provide peace of mind, making it easy to keep an eye on your child without feeling like they’re in jail. With everything included for both indoor and outdoor use, this versatile set is sure to come in handy no matter where life takes you!

The four-sided breathable mesh gives you a quick glimpse of your child. With 4 TPR suction cup bases and snaps that strengthen stability, which ensure immense comfort for indoor and outdoor use.

Has a resistant-duty oxford material for easy clean, what you can simply hand wash and wipe with a damp cloth and soap to keep it fresh and sanitary.


  • Usable from 6 months to 6 years
  • Perfect 27-inch scientific height
  • Integrated zipper crawling door
  • Patented connectors for easy installation
  • Covered corners as an increased safety feature


  • Lack of storage bags on the sides

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎71 x 59 x 27 inches

Item Weight: 

18.46 pounds

#2 Best portable baby playpen : Dripex portable Baby Pen

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • The upgraded foldable design makes it easy to carry around because it’s less heavier than normal plastic playpens
  • Thickened 300d oxford cloth ensure security and immense comfort
  • There are five additional hand grips included in this system, helping small children to learn to walk
  • No extra tools required to assemble and disassemble it

With the Dripex Portable Baby Playpen your infant playpen is safe and assured by the double zippers on both sides, which prevent him or her from accidentally climbing out and falling. The breathable grid allows the baby to interact with you from various angles at all times, giving them a sense of security.

The double holes fence fulfills the need for a secure and strong base while still allowing children to easily climb over it. High-quality welded steel pipe, 2.5 cm in diameter, is used as a replacement for the standard 0.9cm diameter wrought iron fences. Reinforced triangular joints and steel pipe compact connections increase stability of the fence

79*59*27 in a spacious design, With plenty of room for toys, pals, and pets, and enough area to maneuver about, your little one will enjoy his new play space! Makes excellent ball pit playpens for toddlers as well!


  • Exclusive Patented Foldable Design
  • Upgraded Sturdy Hinges 
  • Visible Mesh Materials Act as Windows
  • Patented connectors for easy installation
  • Keeps the Pets Out


  • Difficult to assemble according to consumer reports

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎‎38.2 x 13.9 x 10.15 inches

Item Weight: 

30.2 pounds


Oxford mesh + alloy steel pipe

#3 most solid baby playpen : Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Made of food-grade and non-toxic HDPE without any odor
  • Has no sharp points or edges
  • Suited for 6 months – 3 years old
  • Designed with handles for easy carrying

TheFortella Baby Playpen folds down for easy travel or storage, it’s designed with handles for carrying and it comes pre-assembled out of the box. Includes a hinge tightener to protect your wrists and prevent hinges from constant loosening.

The Cloud Castle is secured to the floor, regardless of how much your kid pulls up on it to stand, thanks to its 14 robust top connectors and anti-slip pads.

In comparison to other playpens with no or few toys, this model has an activity wall that will truly engage your baby, help early sensory development, and promote independent play. Toys included are: dial phone, abacus, rotating gears, sound buttons, and reelers.

It is built with appropriate gaps so that children’s limbs are not trapped, yet enough access for parents to observe their youngsters.


  • Applicable on all floor types 
  • Has  14 strong top connectors and anti-slip pads
  • Pre-assembled out of the box
  • Includes a hinge tightener
  • Lot’s of toys included


  • According to consumer reports the shape of the panels allow some children to climb on it

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎‎‎29.5 x 25 x 12.5 inches

Item Weight: 

‎34.9 pounds


FREE from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Latex, and Formaldehyde

#4 Best outdoor baby playpen : Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Exclusive reversible legs have outdoor stakes for lawn stability and anti-movement, non-scratch floor pads for any interior floor surfaces
  • Over 18.5 square feet and 28” tall provides a safe space for the child to play
  • Has a unique hinge design, each panel can be a door access
  • Intended for children between 6 to 24 months

The Evenflo Play Space is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with over 18.5 square feet of secure baby enclosure.

Exclusive reversible legs have outdoor stakes for lawn stability and anti-movement/non-scratch floor pads for any interior floor surface.

Quick and easy set up and fold, with the unique hinge design – simply unfold and connect together the six interlocking UV weather resistant panels.

Smooth edges and molded handle making it easy to take anywhere for safety on the go. No tools required.

Has an expandable space option with two panel extensions sold separately.


  • Indoor, Outdoor Versatility
  • Very Spacious
  • Easy and Quick Assembly
  • No tools required
  • Each panel can be turned into a door access


  • Buyers complain about it being to lightweight! Bigger kids could lift it up to get out or just yank a panel down and climb over

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎29 x 8 x 28 inches

Item Weight: 

‎16.9 Pounds



#5 Best baby playpen for the beach : hiccapop XL Pop Up Playpen

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • 2 XL doors unzip for easy access from either side
  • Locks securely from the outside for ultimate safety
  • Reflective UV material protects the little ones from the sun 
  • Wind-proof safety locks ensure that the dome stays securely fastened

The Hiccapop Playpen is one of the greatest portable playpen for babies on the market, which combines several safety and convenience characteristics. Super lightweight, ideal for traveling with the ability to set up both indoors and outdoors.

In a matter of seconds, the quick-fold fame unfolds and securely locks in place, while attaching the five sunshades and top dome is a breeze. There are no ugly cross bars on this innovative design, so nothing will obstruct your view from within or out.

It’s difficult to avoid unforeseen collisions when you’re making use of a baby walker. To help prevent accidental bumps, the top rails, corners, and bottom have been enclosed. The zippers on each large door can be locked to prevent unwanted escapes.

With the machine-washable cover composed of waterproof fabric, cleaning up after playtime and snack time is a snap.


  • Three sunshades drop down to protect sunlight sneaking in at any angle
  • The dome canopy folds up compactly in its own carry bag
  • Each leg of the frame is protected by padded fabric
  • The CHILD-PROOF SAFETY LEVERS prevent your little one from accidentally collapsing the baby playpen


  • Buyers complain about it being to hard to assemble

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎‎31.25 x 12.75 x 12.75 inches

Item Weight: 

23.4 pounds

 Top #3 Baby Playards of 2022

#1 Best overall baby playard: graco pack n play Simple Solutions Playard

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Folding feet and wheels allow for 20% more compact fold
  • Has mesh storage pouch for keeping baby’s essentials right on playard
  • Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation
  • The durable frames make this playard ideal for travel

The Graco Pack and Play Playard Simple Solutions is a portable playard that parents adore. It includes an integrated diaper changing station as well as a storage pouch for vital items.

The full-sized bassinet is detachable and can be placed next to your newborn for a secure sleep location, then the spacious toddler playpen converts to a safe resting and playing place when your child grows.

The travel system comes with a carry bag for convenient storage or transportation, as well as Graco’s recognizable fast and simple push-button fold.


  • Signature Graco push button fold
  • Includes a convenient carrying bag for no fuss travel and storage
  • Has a convenient changing table
  • Removable full-size bassinet
  • Designed to grow and transition with your child from newborn sleep space and changing spot to a toddler play pen.


  • The sides do not snap easily and it is hard to assembly/disassembly according to consumer reports

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎‎‎39.5 x 28.5 x 29 inches

Item Weight: 

‎22.9 pounds

Maximum height recommendation: 

‎35 Inches

#2 Best value baby playard: Baby Trend E Nursery Center Playard

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Removable parent organizer for baby essentials
  • Large wheels with brakes
  • One-hand locking mechanism
  • Easy compact fold

The Baby Trend E Nursery Center with a full-size bassinet, gives your kid a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax. Keep the mesh parent organizer nearby for quick access and removal when not in use.

As your child grows, the nursery center becomes a great playtime location, and the big wheels with brakes provide extra mobility and stability, making it of of the cheapest pack n play playard options out there. 

The nursery center is folded up and fits into the included travel/storage bag for easy transportation.

Includes features like

  • Playard with full-size bassinet
  • One-hand locking mechanism


  • From 0 Months to 18 Months
  • The large wheels make it very maneuverable around the house
  • Has a lot of storage compartments
  • Has a full-size bassinet


  • It is hard to take down again according to consumer reports

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎28.35 x 28 x 32 inches

Item Weight: 

‎20.5 pounds

Maximum height recommendation: 

‎35 Inches

#3 Best baby playard for twins : Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center Playard

Our Rating
Buy on Amazon

Main Features:

  • Has two Removable Rock-A-Bye Bassinet and each one converts to a stand alone rocker
  • Each bassinet comes with canopy and carry handle
  • Plush fabric and mesh sides are used for proper ventilation
  • Features 2 toys on each Removable Bassinet

The Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center playard is ideal for parents of twins. Two detachable Rock-A-Bye Bassinet side by side, with their own canopy and carry strap, plush fabric and mesh sides for optimum ventilation for removal, are included. Each bassinet comes with two toys.

The Playard has a full bassinet, changing table, and a deluxe parent organizer that may be removed. The playard is stable due to its easy one-hand locking mechanism and can be moved from place to place with large wheels and locked using brakes.

The lightweight, portable carrier also has a storage/travel bag that’s ideal for on-the-go parents. The music system with volume control, nightlight, and vibration includes two types of music and natural sounds for your child to enjoy.


  • Has a removable full bassinet
  • Has a changing table
  • Deluxe Parent Organizer
  • Large wheels with brakes


  • According to some buyers the wheels lock up in some cases

Dimensions: â€Ž

‎40.75 x 29.25 x 28.75 inches

Item Weight: 

‎41 pounds

Maximum height recommendation: 

‎35 Inches

People Also Ask:

Can my baby sleep in a playpen?

Yes, your baby may sleep in a playpen. However, it is not the same as sleeping in their crib.

A playpen has much less space than an actual bed would provide and also does not come with any extra features regular beds do, like extra-thick mattresses.

Playpens are designed to keep babies safe while you are busy doing other things around the house. They can be used to keep your child safe and secure when playing, taking a shower or even cooking dinner, or even quick naps, but overall they can’t substitute a baby crib 100%

How to clean a baby’s playpen?

You should clean your baby’s playpen at least once a week to keep it sanitary and safe for them. The best way to do this is by wiping the entire surface with warm water and dish soap. You can also use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to use chemicals to prevent irritation of sensitive skin if need be. Most playpens can be disassembled quickly and thrown into the washing machine; for even quicker solutions, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning a playpen is that you need to make sure the surface gets completely dry before allowing your child back in. You can accomplish this by leaving it out in a warm room for an hour after washing or using a hairdryer on low heat if needed. If there are any spaces between slats, you should also try to get in there with a cotton swab to ensure it’s spotless.

How long does the average baby stay in their playpen during the day?

The typical baby stays in their playpen for around three hours during the day while awake and then another hour after they fall asleep.

When deciding whether or not to get a playpen, one of your first considerations should be how often you will use it. If you plan to use it every day, you will want something more durable and long-lasting.

If you only plan to use it every once in a while, you can opt for one of the cheaper models available because they generally don’t last as long anyway! However, if your child falls into the former category and spends several hours per day playing or sleeping inside their playpen, then you’ll likely want to invest a bit more money.

How do you fix a hole in a playpen?

If your playpen has a hole in it, you might be able to fix it using some patching product. You can use either glue or tape for this task, depending on the material that is being affected.

However, if there are several holes throughout an area of the frame, then you may want to consider replacing it altogether instead so that your baby isn’t at risk of falling or getting injured.

You must try to fix the hole as soon as possible because if the playpen is not in good condition and becomes damaged, it may become a safety hazard for your child. You can also use this opportunity to look over all the joints and connections on the playpen to ensure they are all sturdy and secure.

If the hole is located on the bottom of the playpen, you may need to replace it sooner rather than later because your child might be able to pull off some pieces or climb underneath them if they feel like playing under there!

Are playpens safe for babies?

Yes, playpens are safe for babies as long as they do not contain any sharp edges or protruding pieces that could pose a safety hazard. You should also make sure to cover the underside of the playpen with plastic and secure it to the floor so your child won’t be able to climb underneath! They can also lift panels and get their arms caught underneath, so please make sure to check for gaps and spaces that your child can fit through.

How to keep the baby’s playpen from moving?

If your baby’s playpen is moving while they are inside it, then one quick solution to this problem is to get something sturdy and heavy enough that will weigh down the base. The most important thing here would be to make sure whatever you’re using does not pose a safety hazard for your child!

You can also consider getting some non-slip pads for the bottom of your playpen; this is especially useful if you have hardwood floors. You can also get some padding that will prevent any slats or panels from digging into your baby’s skin when they climb up on top of them!

One last thing to keep in mind would be how often you use your baby’s playpen. If you use it very often, you should get something more durable and long-lasting so the frame won’t collapse while your child is inside!

How to assemble a portable baby playard?

The first step to assembling a portable baby playard is to ensure that the box contains all of the necessary pieces. Depending on how heavy some of the individual components are!

Once you’ve got everything out, it’s essential to look over each piece carefully and identify any hardware (nuts, bolts) that might be missing. This is an excellent time to make sure everything looks like it’s in perfect condition and that no pieces are damaged or bent out of shape!

Once you’ve got all the necessary parts, you can start assembling by following along with the directions provided or going online for a video tutorial if available.

Here is an assembly video tutorial of the Graco Pack n Play Travel Dome LX Playard:


Playpens are a necessity for every new parent so they can have some time to put their feet up and take care of themselves. If you’re looking into buying one, it’s important that you choose wisely because not all playpens are created equal! Here is what you should look for if you want the safest and most durable option:

First, make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or protruding pieces on your baby’s playpen.

Next, cover the underside with plastic before securing it to the floor; this will prevent them from climbing underneath. It also helps keep those pesky bugs out as well!

Finally, assembly instructions come in handy when putting together your portable baby play yard – be sure to follow along closely and read carefully if needed!

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__CONFIG_colors_palette__{“active_palette”:0,”config”:{“colors”:{“3e1f8”:{“name”:”Main Accent”,”parent”:-1}},”gradients”:[]},”palettes”:[{“name”:”Default Palette”,”value”:{“colors”:{“3e1f8”:{“val”:”var(–tcb-local-color-68c4b)”,”hsl”:{“h”:210,”s”:0.78,”l”:0.01,”a”:1}}},”gradients”:[]},”original”:{“colors”:{“3e1f8”:{“val”:”rgb(19, 114, 211)”,”hsl”:{“h”:210,”s”:0.83,”l”:0.45}}},”gradients”:[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__
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