June 9

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Fun Father’s Day gifts are always the best gifts for our dads and grandpas! While you and your dad may not have the same idea of what fun is – dads get excited about things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, and spending time fishing in silence, this all-inclusive list is sure to have a fabulous gift just for him. Whether he is a manly man who loves to spend time outdoors at the grill, a workout guru who spends his free time pumping iron, or even the resident family chef, we have the gifts for him. From helping him complete his chores to competing for the neighborhood association’s best lawn around to preparing him for the ultimate 4th of July barbecue extravaganza, we know that even those dads who say they don’t need anything will be eyeing each and every one of these fun Father’s Day gifts!

16 Fun Father’s Day Gifts for Dads

Elephant In A Box


All Dad wants this year is to relax in his man cave comfortably. He’s likely been lounging on the same couch he’s had since college, and let’s face it, we’re tired of how terrible it looks in the house. It’s time to retire the college couch and invest in a luxurious sofa that will blow him away. With Elephant In A Box, finding a sofa or sectional for Dad to lounge on is easy!

Elephant In A Box makes buying your sofa easy! No more renting or borrowing a truck from a neighbor to haul a giant piece of furniture across town. With Elephant In A Box, you’ll have your brand new sectional delivered straight to your front door, in a box that’s smaller than you think. The best part? There are no tools required to set it up! Simply open the box and you can pull your sectional apart in an accordion-like way. All the perks of a fun Father’s Day gift without the work. The L5 Sectional is by far one of the best couches that you’ll find out there and will last Dad for generations.


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