June 10

The smart display your smart dad will love



Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Then take a look at Owlet Monitor Duo! The powerful combination of Smart Sock 3 and Cam enables Dad to get the right information at the right time, so that he can enjoy every moment without worrying. Here are some of our favorite Duo features that the father in your life will love.

Heart rate and oxygen tracking

A highlight of Owlet Monitor Duo is Smart Sock 3. This small but powerful socks can track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while transmitting real-time data to the Owlet app. If the baby’s reading exceeds the preset area, the application on the base station and mobile phone will notify you that the baby needs attention.

Sleep trend tracking

Through Smart Sock’s sleep trend tracking, help fathers understand their baby’s sleep status and sleep time. Easily accessed in the Owlet app, sleep data can be used to help create the perfect sleep schedule for the baby. Does dad need more help to set a sleep schedule for the baby?Then add a subscription to make his Duo a trio Dream Lab — Owlet’s interactive online sleep training program.

Audio and HD video streaming

Monitor Duo’s watchful eyes and ears belong to Cam. Thanks to audio and high-definition video streaming from Cam to the Owlet app, Dad can view Baby from anywhere. With high-definition night vision, 4x zoom, 130° wide-angle view and room temperature sensor, Cam can help parents understand the health of their baby just by looking at the phone.

Sound and motion notification

The sound and motion notifications from the camera make Dad feel more comfortable. With real-time notifications that can be turned on and off, know when your child is giggling and playing, or if the dog in your home has entered the nursery.Through sound and motion notification, dad can figure out how to create Perfect sleeping environment For their little baby.

Treating fathers who are there at every milestone gives them peace of mind because they can fully understand the health of the baby.

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