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Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. A strong name can positively affect their self-esteem, and it can also help them get ahead in life. This article provides some unusual but strong boy names you may want to consider when naming your son.

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30 Strong and Unusual Boy Names and their meanings

1) Brett

Brett is a name that means “bright ruler,” and it also has Scottish origins. This unusual but strong boy name comes from the word ‘breath, which means to make or produce something, usually referring to offspring. The name Brandon derives from this as well, meaning a bright source of strength or peace, also serves well as a middle name.

2) Darren

Darren is an English origin name that means ‘valiant’ or “strong and brave, from the word dar, which means bold. This unusual but strong boy name may have first been used in Ireland to mean ‘free man.’ It can also be spelled Daren, Darin, or Darrin, what is great in case if you got twins and want to give them similar names.

3) Dylan

The meaning of this unusual but strong boy names depends on the origin, which can be Welsh or English. Dylan derives from the words ‘dile’ and ‘tulle,’ both of which mean firebrand or torch carrier. This name was traditionally used in Wales to mean ‘son of the sea.’

4) Ethan

Ethan is an English name that derives from a word meaning strong or firm. This unusual but strong boy name may be derived from two Hebrew words, Ethan and Tanah. Tanah means land, while Ethan means strength. In both Hebrew languages, it’s also common to use an ‘h’ to denote the hard consonant.

5) Arnold

Arnold is a German name meaning ‘eagle power’ or noble. This unusual but strong boy name can also be spelled Arnould, Arnon, or Armond.

6) Griffin

Griffin is an unusual English origin baby boy’s name originated from Old English and means ‘griffin.’

The griffin is a legendary creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. It was often seen as either good or bad luck to have this name, depending on the region. Griffins are also known for their fierce loyalty and protective nature.

A griffin was traditionally seen as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and protection for kings by their subjects. It’s often depicted with wings spread out protecting treasures or people, which may reflect how this unusual but strong boy name has been traditionally viewed: someone who is fiercely loyal to those they protect (such as children) and is protective.

7) Andreas

Andreas is a strong name with German origins that means “manly.” The meaning of the word would be someone who is man-like or has qualities usually associated with men. There are many Andreas in history, including Saint Andrew (the apostle) and King Andronicus I Komnenos.

The name is derived from the Greek origin word “Andreas,” which means “manly.” Andreaus in French comes to mean “beloved of God,” or someone who has been given some divine grace. In Italian origin, it translates to The manly one; masculine. And while Saint Andrew was a saint, he did not start with the name.

Saint Andrew, one of Jesus Christ’s twelve apostles: Acts 12:17-18; 15:27-31) and is mentioned in the Bible as being a missionary to Scythia. The disciples met him when he came to them, walking on water (John 13). Saint Andrew was crucified at Patras in Greece.

Saint Andreas, also known as Saint Andrew (Apostle), or St. Andrew the Apostle, one of Jesus Christ’s twelve apostles; by tradition, he was martyred at Patras.

8) Kawan

This name originated from Native American, meaning “one who sticks out” or “the watcher.” Kawan is the name for a spirit that guards sacred places.

Kawan means “watchful one” in Ojibwe, and it can refer to an animal on watch and a guardian of spiritual beings. It’s can also be translated as “the one who sticks out,” which is a literal description of the animal on watch.

While not common in any Western culture today, this name has become more popular with Aboriginal Canadians and American Indians alike. The word Kawan also means “spiritual being” and can be seen as an honorific for someone respected in the spiritual realm.

It is also a word for one who watches over and protects others from harm, making it an excellent name to give your son.

9) Bernard

The name Bernard means “brave as a bear.” It’s derived from the Germanic word bern-heri, which is often translated as “bear strong.” This name can be used to refer to someone really tough and brave like an animal, or it may also just mean that you have been blessed with strength through your heritage. The name has been in use for centuries and is often seen as a classic, masculine name.

If you want something with an exotic flair about it but also strong enough to stand out from all the Jacob’s or Michael’s around, your son will be named Bernard!

He’ll be able to have that unique individuality that comes with h having a name that’s not common, which can be one of the most critical factors in how your son will grow up and identify himself.

10) Benjamin

Benjamin is the English form of a Hebrew name meaning “son of my right hand.” It was one of King David’s three sons. Benjamin was often listed as third among his father’s twelve children (eldest son) in the Bible.

Strong masculine boy names are unusual and have an exotic flair to them, such as Benjamin which means “son of my right hand” in Hebrew but pronounced ben-YAH-min or Ben-HAHN. This unique individuality can help your son grow up with these great solid, and strong feelings of self-worth and celebration.

11) Cassius

Cassius is the ancient Roman name for a Gaulish god worshipped as Kassados or Caddua. Derived from a Celtic word meaning “to bathe.” In Ancient Rome, it was believed that he could be invoked to cure headaches and help people recover from a serious illness. In modern English, it means “shower” or “bathe.” Cassius is also a word used in boxing which can mean knockout punch.

We love the meaning of this name and are certain your son will be proud to have such a strong, masculine, unique self-worth feeling with his own individuality!

12) Daniel

Daniel is the name of a biblical Hebrew prophet whose primary prophetic work was written in the book of Daniel. He is also mentioned many times throughout the Old Testament and New Testament as well. It means “God is my judge.” In modern English, it can be used to mean “judge” or “ruler.” You might want to use this name for your son if you are a religious person or see yourself as having strong faith and believe in the power of God.

13) Nathaniel

Nathaniel isn’t such an unusual boy’s name, but it means “God has given.” It might be tough to find someone with this name because it is so popular! In the Bible, Nathaniel is a character from the Gospel of John. It means “gift” in Hebrew, and it can also be interpreted as meaning “given by God”.

14) Jayden

Jaydyn is a modern-day name that can be spelled differently and used as a gender-neutral name. It means “gift of God.” This could be perfect for someone with strong faith who also has a gift from God. In the Bible, Jaydin was one of two kings in Jerusalem during King Josiah’s time. It can also be used as a feminine name, which means “little dove.”

16) Ezrah

Ezrah is one of the biblical names with a Hebrew origin that means “to bind.” It has long been used as a variant of Ezra, which also means “helpful” in Hebrew. More modern variants could be Ezra and ESA. Ezrah was one of the twelve spies sent to investigate Canaan and its people before Moses could conquer them in the Bible.

17) Micah

Micah is one of the  biblical names with a Hebrew origins that means “who is like God?” It has been used in many different ways over the years, from a biblical prophet to an actor on Friends and more recently as a girl’s name too. One famous namesake of this popular Middle Eastern moniker is the U.S. singer Michael Jackson.

18) Valentine

Valentine is one of the powerful boy names. It derives from the Latin, Valentinus meaning “strong.” It was also used as an adjective to describe someone who had physical strength and bravery in France. It has been used in many different ways over the years, from a Christian saint to being one of several characters on Friends. The latter was played by David Schwimmer and shared the same first name as another character on the show – Ross Geller (David Crane)

19) Aiden

Aiden is a Scottish name meaning “fire.” It has become one of the most popular boy names in recent years. It was also used as a girl’s name by American actress Alyssa Milano when she chose it for her son in 2007.

20) Oswald

Oswald is a Germanic name meaning “divine power.” It was often used as the first given form of name with strong associations to Christianity.

21) Adonis

Adonis is a Greek name, meaning “lord,” and is one of the most popular names in that country. It has also been used as a male given form for Arabic origin names, including Abdulah, Adelard, and Edmond.

22) Aiken

Aiken is an English surname that means “son of the eagle.” The name is derived from the Old Norse word “eiki,” meaning “Eagle.” The earliest known bearer was Eanricus Ægidius, who lived in Yorkshire during the 10th century.

23) Phoenix

Phoenix is an English boy name that comes from the Old Greek word “phoinix” meaning “a woodland bird.” It’s been used since 1914, and it was originally a surname before its usage as a first name. The earliest use of this word as a given name was in 1913 when James used it. O. Phoenix’s son.

24) Tyrant

Tyrant comes from Ancient Greek (tyrantÄ“s). It refers to someone with absolute power, one who has the power to do anything. The earliest use of this word as a given name was in 1576, when it was used for Tyrant, Earl of Kintyre, and Lorne. It’s also been used since 1857 for Tyrant, Baron Amwell

25) Deacon

Deacon is an English boy name that comes from the Greek word diakonos, meaning “servant.” The earliest use of this boy’s name was in 1221, when it was used for Hubert de Dena. It’s also been used since 1887 as a given name – Deacon Hart

26) Rebel

Rebel is an English boy named the French word résister, meaning “to resist.” The earliest use of this word as a given name was in 1887 when it was used for Joseph Rebel who is a renowned warrior.

27) Rhino

Rhino is an English boy named the Greek word rhinÄ“ or rhiōn (meaning nose). It’s been used since 1890. Strictly speaking, a rhino was the name of a Greek wineskin. The earliest use of this word as a given name in America was in 1891 when it was used for Douglas Rhine

28) Titan

Titan is an English boy named Latin tÄ«tānus, meaning “of or about the Titans” (.” It’s been used since 1894. The earliest use of this word as a given name was in 1895, when it was used for Hervey Lyman

29) Maverick

Maverick is an English origin boy name that comes from the Spanish phrase meaning “maverick.” This term has come to be applied to someone who deviates from convention or independent of authority. Maverick was adopted as a given name in America, beginning with the 1920s

30) Stone

Stone is an English boy named Old French origin “Pierre,” meaning “stone.” It’s been used since 1867 and started as a surname before its usage as a first name.


A baby boys name is a very important decision, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the list from above, you will not struggle to choose a strong baby boy names. If we inspired you in any way be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more wonderful content or check out our related articles to this topic.


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