September 21, 2022

Soft gender neutral names

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Naming a child is never an easy task. Parents know exactly how it is difficult and challenging to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. There are plenty of names in the option for both boys and girls; however, gender-neutral or unisex names are also becoming immensely popular. Gender-neutral baby names are a great option for your little one, no matter whether you’re passionate about breaking down societal barriers or just don’t give a damn about gender stereotypes in boy or girl names. In reality, these names are changing with the times, since many of them began as boys’ names; however, now they are gaining popularity among girls’ names as well.

According to SSA (Social Security Administration) – “Nearly 1% of Americans (or 1 in 109) have an androgynous name, which indicates that at least one-third of babies given that name were male, and one-third were female”. 

Let’s face it, naming your kid (androgynous or not) is one of the most important decisions any parent must make – after all, a name lasts a lifetime! So, to aid you in this challenging task, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 25 androgynous baby names, including the most unique as well as the unisex names you’re probably already familiar with. 

Tip of the day

After you finally decided on the baby’s name, many parents order a wooden sign with all of its letters and make it into something special for their nurseries.

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Top 25 Androgynous Names and their meanings



Ariel has been a masculine form since a well-known Disney princess from The Little Mermaid was named it. The name comes from Hebrew, which means “God’s lion.” Moreover, it was featured in Shakespeare’s work. As a result, it’s a one-of-a-kind gender-neutral moniker. The alternative form of Ariel is Ariël, Arielle, Ariella. Namesakes: actress Ariel Winter, singer Ariel Engelbert, and supermodel Ariel Meredith.



Ashton is a simple and delicious name for both sexes. Ashton is an English origin name from an English surname, which means ‘From the town of ash trees’. It is easy to associate it with the male name because of Ashton Kutcher, an American actor, and entrepreneur (Christopher). Although, Ashton was last popular in 1900 in boy’s names. However, it gained popularity in 1986 as female names as well, and it’s commonly used in America. As a result, Ashton is rising to the top of the most popular baby names list! The alternative form of Ashton is Ashe, Ashtyn, Ashton, Asheton, Asheton, Ashtynne, Ashton. Awesome name if you are considering giving your twins similar names.



Month names have long been popular, but August has shown a recent increase in popularity. August is named after Augustus, the first Roman Emperor who conquered Cleopatra. August Latin origin name, which means worthy of respect, distinguished or majestic. The alternative spelling and variation of August are – Augie, Auguste, Gust, Augustus, Gussie. Famous namesakes: American author and film executive (father of Nicolas Cage) August Floyd Coppola and son of actress Jeanne Tripplehorn and Leland Orser – August Tripplehorn Orser



Blair is a girl’s name of Scottish origin which means ‘dweller on the plain’ or field. Blair is a masculine name in Canada and Scotland, and Canada, although it is more common in the United States. Bailey’s popularity peaked in the late 1990s for both boys and girls. It is still trendy among females. Its popularity as a boy’s name, however, has declined. Also can be often seen as a middle name as well.



Blake is a modern unisex name and British origin name. Blake has been consistently popular with boys since 1945. Later on, it also gained huge popularity in gender-neutral names. Moreover, it is also a famous English surname. Blake means dark and attractive. The alternative spelling and variation of Blake are Blaike, Blayke, Blaque, etc. Famous namesakes: American actress Blake Lively, American actor and comedian Blake Clark, a versatile actor Blake Smith, etc.



Carson is of Irish origin and a Scandinavian name that translates to “son of marsh-dwellers.” Carson is best renowned for being the American surname of scout Kit Carson. Carson current is a trendy name for boys, and it was highly popular in names of girls in the 1990s. Alternative spellings and variation of Carson are Carrson, Carsan, Karsen Carsen, Karsyn, Carsin, Carsyn, Karson. Some notable namesakes include Presidential Candidate – Ben Carson, Comedian, Talk Show Host – Johnny Carson, and TV Host – Carson Daly.



More and more, this non-binary baby name is being used for girls as it has the possibility of gender fluidity. Charlie is a German origin name which means man or free man, strong, etc. Charlie’s name has maintained steady popularity as a strong boy name in Middle English for over 100 years; however, it started growing in names for girls in 2018. Charley or Charly are alternative forms of Charlie. Famous namesake: English director and actor Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin.



Dakota is a Native American name, which means friends or allies. Earlier it was a famous name for boys, and however, now it is equally liked as a baby girl name. The alternative forms are Dacota, Dakoda, Dakotah, Dakota, etc. Some notable namesake of this name includes American country music singer Dakota Bradley and American actress Dakota Mayi Johnson.



Finely is an Irish and Gaelic origin name which means a hero or a battle warrior with fair skin’. Finely is one of the most popular common names for unisex. The pet form of this unisex name can be Finn, Fynlie, Lee, Finlee, or Finally, etc. The famous namesake: German astronomer Erwin Finlay-Freundlich.



Greer is a Scottish and Latin origin name that means vigilant guardian or watchful. The alternative forms are Grier and Grear. This Schottish surname has gained popularity in gender-neutral names. Some notable namesakes include American-British Actress Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson, American actress Kandace “Greer” Grammer.



Hayden is an English origin name which means heather-grown hill and Hedged valley. Hayden is one of the most popular among Traditional names, and it continues to be fashionable for both sexes. The alternative forms are Haydn, Haidon, Haydun or Haden. The famous namesakes: American-Canadian actor and producer Hayden Christensen and American poet and literary critic Hayden Carruth.



Jackie is an American and Hebrew origin name which means God is gracious, Supplanter and Son of God. The pet form of Jackie: Jack, Jacky, Jaquie, etc. Jackie has been on the top for unisex names for 100 years. Some notable namesake: Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.



Jordan is a Hebrew origin name that means descending or Flowing down. The alternative spellings and variations of this name are Jordain, Jordann, Jordany, Jorden, etc. The pet form of this name is Jud or Judd. It was masculine until 1982, but now it is on the top list of gender-neutral names. Some famous namesakes: American actor and singer Jordan William Fisher and Former infamous felon and previous stockbroker.



Kai is Indian, Hawaiian, and Welsh origin name and the meaning of this name is ‘keeper of the keys’ and ‘of the sea’. The alternative form of Kai are Kaj, Kye, Ky, Keh and Kaja. Kai was on the top in the list of most popular unisex baby names in 2017. Some notable namesakes: American Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kai Bird, American football player Kai August Forbath and American actor Kai Alexander.



Lane is an English and American origin name which means, ‘From the narrow road’ or ‘one who takes the narrow path’. The alternative form of this name is Lain, Lean, Laney, or Laynee. Although it sounds like feminism, it is more common in boys than girls. Some notable namesakes: American producer and actor Lane Carlson and American singer Lane Brody.



Montana is a Latin and Spanish origin name which means, ‘Of the mountains’. The alternative form of this name is Montagne, Montaine, and Montana. Montana is a modern unisex name as it is equally stylish for both sexes. The famous namesake of this name is Australian model Montana Cox.



Noel is a Latin and French origin name which means ‘Christmas’. The Alternative spelling and variations of Noel are Noell, Nowel, Noela, Noele, or Noelene. Noel is a beautiful name for a gender-neutral choice. Some famous namesakes of this name are English author Mary Noel Streatfeild, reality tv actress Kimberly Noel Kardashian West, and Canadian actress Jillian Noel Hennessy.



Oakley is an English-origin name that means strong, sturdy, or from the oak tree meadow. The alternative form of this name is Oakie, Oaklee, Oakly, or Oakleigh. Formerly, Oakley was popular as a boy name, but now it is famous in gender-neutral names. Some notable namesakes are American director and playwright Oakley “Tad” Hall III, American novelist Oakley Maxwell Hall.



Paris is an English, French, and Greek origin name which means ‘from the capital city of France’. Moreover, in Greek Mythology, Paris was the name of the Prince of Troy who kidnapped Helen to begin the Trojan War. Therefore, the alternative form of this name is Pares, Parris, Paris, price, or Paryss. Formerly, Paris was popular in baby girl name, but it’s most popular year as baby boy name was 1991, and again it gained huge popularity in girl’s name in 2004. Famous namesake: Paris K.C. Barclay – American television director and producer.



Ryan is an Irish origin name which means ‘Little ruler or king’. The alternative form of this name is Rian, Ryanne, Ryan, or Rayan. This extra popular boy’s name is surprisingly getting a hot name for girls. Some notable namesakes of this name are Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, American singer, and songwriter Ryan Adams.



The river is an English and American origin name which means ‘flowing body of water. The pet form and other variations of this name are River, Rivers, River and Riviera; since the last two decades, River has been an equally popular name in both boys and girls. Some famous namesakes: River Russell Deary – son of American actress Keri Russell and River Rose Blackstock – Daughter of American singer Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.



Shay is an Irish and Celtic origin name that means ‘respected and admired or like a hawk: dauntless and stately. The alternative or pet form of this name is Shae, Shayla, Sheanta, Schae, or Sheaon. Shay is a unique unisex name, and it was most popular as a boy name in 1991. Some notable namesake: American actor Shay Roundtree and American actress and singer Shay Astar.



Storm is an English and American origin name which means ‘powerful and volatile like severe weather. The alternative form of this name is Stromey, Stromm, and Stormie. Although Strom is a strong masculine form, it has gained popularity as a girl name for 100 years. Famous namesake: Australian fashion designer and actor Storm Keating.



Tony is a Latin and Greek origin name which means ‘Priceless and praiseworthy’. The alternative form of this name is Tonya, Toie, Tola, Tona, Toney, Lanette. In 1965 Tony was a standard name for boys. However, the sound Tony made it look feminist in 2007. Some notable namesakes: British Prime Minister Anthony Charles Linton “Tony” Blair and American actress and singer-songwriter Toni Michele Braxton.



Wesley is an English origin name that means ‘from the meadow in the west’ or ‘wide meadow’. The alternative or pet forms of this name are Wes, Weslie, west, Westly, etc. Wesley was a strong masculine form for boys till 100 years, and now it is a famous unisex name. Famous namesake: American actor Wesley Jonathan Waples.

People Also Ask:

Should I give my kid a gender-neutral name?

There is no right way to naming a child! This is a decision that each family makes on their perceptions. Some parents want a name that isn’t gender-specific because they believe their kids will be freer to identify with it when they find their gender identity. On the other hand, some families have significant names and are linked with a binary gender or social security. A kid can change their name if they dislike it for whatever reason. The essential thing is that children understand that names do not equate to gender and will be supported regardless of their gender. 


Why do parents choose gender-neutral names for babies?

There are several reasons parents consider while choosing gender-neutral names for their children, for example, you don’t want to identify or stereotype your kid based on his or her gender and are interested in learning about a wide selection of contemporary names.


How to identify male and female names?

There are no such definite rules made to differentia male and female names. Hence, any combination of name/gender is possible. However, there are a plethora of names that are almost exclusively female or names such as names that represent gender identity.


Is it possible to have unisex names? 

In the English-speaking world, notably in the United States, Unisex names are popular. However, in English-speaking nations, this is an uncommon occurrence. In addition, some male and female names are homophones, meaning they are pronounced the same but spelled differently. 


What is a Badass name?

Badass baby names have a cool, macho vibe that fits for both boys and girls. Blaze, Jagger, Dash, Fox, Harley, Wilder, Ryker, and Justice are among the other badass baby names in the US Top 1000, along with Ace and Axel. Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent are just a few of the badass names that also happen to be amazing professions.



Generally, parents consider genderless names for their little ones because they feel that it will help avoid sexism or gender stereotypes in their kid’s future. However, a non-binary or gender fluid may appeal to some parents, and in some cases, it is suitable with the surname. While some parents just believe that neutral baby names are cool, cute, unique, and fun! Whatever the reason, an increasing number of parents are choosing unisex baby names for their children.

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