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Pregnancy itself comes with lots of excitement and enjoyment. However, the moment to know about an unborn baby’s gender is genuinely magical for parents to be.                                                                                                Hence to make this moment more memorable and exciting, celebrate this precious moment with your friends and family by throwing a gender reveal party. Here you will get all mind-blowing ideas, whether you want to limit this celebration to a private photo shooting with your parents only or to throw a surprise party for family and friends to reveal your baby’s gender most uniquely and magnificently.

Below, we have rounded up a couple of ideas to gender reveals that will surely inspire you in a way that will feel the fight for you.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have time to read through the following article in order to find the best gender reveal method that would suit your needs best, no worries because we’ve done all the hard work for you. We hand-picked our favorite method  (#8) for you so you don’t have to go through all of them!

1. Pinata For Gender Reveal

Nothing can be better than a Pinata when it comes to revealing a secret! Then why don’t you try to reveal your baby’s gender with this fun-filled pinata? Grab a pinata that blooms in pink or blue confetti and reveal the gender of your baby with fun. 


2. Balloons to reveal a Boy or a Girl

Throw colourful gender reveal party to invite family and friends to join in the joy!

Seek the help of a trusted friend to keep the gender a secret while arranging the big surprise.

Bring a large box with pink or blue balloons and have the parents open the box to reveal the secret. Don’t forget to take a snap of the precise moment when the secret was revealing.


3. Cake Pops

Why don’t you choose the yummiest way to reveal your baby’s gender. Yes, you are presenting tasty looking cake pops which are pink and blue both from the outside. However, once you have a bite, it will deliciously reveal the secret with the inside filling of your desired colour that will be helpful to determine your baby’s gender.


4. Big Sister or Big Brother

It would be great if your older kid could speak about his upcoming sibling. After all, it is going to be exciting for the kid as well. It would leave party guests completely speechless if your kid could recite a few lines or quote about your upcoming bundle of joy. It also allows the beautiful opportunity for a video shoot. Or you can create a fun customized banner that would reveal the secret If the elder kid cannot deliver the speech. You will be happy to see that your little one is the centre of it all, and that would make the moment more precious for you.


5. Gender Reveal Baseball

If you are a die heart fan of baseball, this gender reveals party idea is definitely for you. Be ready to bat! As here, you need to allow your guests to vote by sporting pink or blue and hitting one of these coloured powder-filled baseballs out of the park to determine which team will win. You can also use alternatively, a game of soccer or football.


6. Old wives’ tales Poster

No one can predict a baby’s gender by the all myths included in old wives tales. However, nothing wrong with it if you want to utilize these myths to make your gender reveal Party more exciting and surprising with these adorable party posters. You need to create a poster that describes all your pregnancy symptoms, including your craving for sweet or spice, mood swings, weight gain and weight loss and many more. Then, your guests will guess whether you welcome a boy or a girl based on old wives’ tales. 


7. DIY M&M-Filled Gender Reveal Cake

Let’s add a little sweetness to your creative gender reveal celebration with a candy-filled, tasty cake! The cake toppers will be neutral in colour, but once you cut them, all blue or pink M&Ms will fall out artistically by revealing whether you are having a boy or a girl.


8. Balloon Pop Reveal

It’s going to be great fun when you prepare a simple balloon full of confetti! This idea works immensely excellent when you choose a giant balloon, which is readily available online. It increases the excitement level on the peak when you pop it with a pin, and the balloon releases confetti of blue or pinks all over! If you have older children, include them in the excitement by having them explode the balloon. 


9. Balloon Party Box

A relatively affordable DIY option for you to succeed in a fun gender reveals party. It is an excellent idea for a family where you can involve everyone to decorate the box from outside, and you can also use wrapping paper. If you want to keep the secret to yourself, you can buy your desired coloured balloons to fill the box yourself. However, if you want to be surprised and your guests, take your ultrasound result in an envelope to the shopkeeper and tell him to fill your box as per appropriate colour and seal the box to keep the secret safe until the party evening. You, your family and your guests can open the box together or if you have a kid, give this chance to them to reveal the gender of their sibling to be. This will be a picture-perfect moment, so when you open the box, keep the camera handy.


10. Cotton Candy Stand

To make your surprise party more delicious, that is in the colour of pink and blue both hence your guest may not have a single hint regarding a boy or a girl. Cotton candy stands whip up is the latest trend of gender reveal parties. If you celebrate a lawn party, arrange outdoor games by setting up a cotton candy stand in a corner. Blue and pink cotton candy are a fun addition to your Party.


12. Bows & Bowties

If your relatives and friends are trying to guess the gender of your child? You’ll have a lot of fun figuring out who was correct when the gender is being announced! Let them allow them to wear a blue bowtie if they think it’s a boy and a pink bow if they assume it’s a girl when they enter your gender reveal party. 


13. Paint Party

If you want to keep a private gender party and are happy to get a little messy, you can not go wrong with this gender reveal option. Get several cans, fill them with blue water or pink water, and be ready to throw on your partner to reveal the secret. Of course, there are many other ways to have a colour party, like water guns filled with blue and pink paint. This is one of the best ideas for family fun, and don’t forget to include these incredible snaps in a picture frame.


14. Silly String 

Grab a few silly strings of blue and pink colour and have chosen guests to spray it on you. Let your guests and friends shout out loud last time for their guessed gender! Of course, there might be a mess to clean up afterwards; however, the memories and fun will be worth it.


15. Arrows or Bows?

Another fabulous idea for gender reveling intimate Party is having a small gathering with close guests and friends. Guests of your Party are supposed to choose either an arrow or a bow. The arrows represent a boy as you may colour it blue and the bow denote a girl, hence keeping it pink. Afterwards, allow your guests to choose their favourite gender by holding arrows or bows in their hands. It will make more fun when gender reveling, whether they have got the assumptions about the baby on the way. 


16. Soft Toys

You cannot find a better option than soft toys when you choose to express your happiness cutely. Hence, try this cute gender idea by giving each guest a little box of pink or blue soft toys covered in neutral-coloured wrapping paper. Instruct all of your guests to open their boxes at the exact moment, with cameras ready and film rolling, and all eyes will be on your partner’s reactions, which are undoubtedly going to be priceless. If you let your guests do the surprise for you, most notably, don’t forget to click the cute pictures with soft toys along with your guests.


17. Decorate with balloons

No party is complete without balloons drops, and especially it becomes hard to avoid the balloons when it regards your babies. Your Party will be full of fun once it is decorated with assorted balloons everywhere like a blue balloon arch, pink balloons win or neutral colours. Balloons are an excellent way to reveal your baby’s gender. Hence you may choose pink or blue balloons, which are going to work fabulously. You may also choose a black balloon to make it classic. We recommend jumbo balloons as they are best for photography. Moreover, it will give you the best picture ideas, where you do not have to care about the background. 


18. Burnout Tires 

It is easy to use burnout powder with different techniques. You may get quickly burnout tires that have your desired coloured rubber compounds. However, they have a black coating to keep the secret until the burnout. You don’t have to be worried about massive smoke as it is relatively safe. However, it leaves a substantial impact on friends and family when they won’t see anything else except pink or blue powder.


19. Colored Powder Packs

Burnout tires are costly. Hence, everyone can not afford to have such fun. However, burnout powder is the best alternative if you want to reveal your baby’s gender with coloured smoke. You will quickly get burnout powder packs from the shop. It is cheap and easy to use. It would be best if you used coloured powder in particular bags. Some of them are designed specially to stick to the tire. You will be amazed to see when these bags burst out, leaving the powder everywhere in the most dramatic cloud. Coloured chalk powder is also highly recommended.


20. Color changing candle

If you are looking for something besides smoke, confetti cannons, or bombs to celebrate your gender reveal, then this colour-changing gender candle is the best option that you must go for it. This gender reveals candle is the newest and sophisticated way to know the upcoming baby’s sex within minutes with lighting it. Moreover, it releases a soft aroma throughout the room.

Be careful while opening the gender reveals candle box as it is marked inside with a blue or pink stripe to make sure that you hold the right colour. We warn you so you don’t ruin the surprise.


21. Party cookies

If you want to have a sweet treat for your gender reveal party, then you may never go wrong with cookies. As you can order, your particular gender reveals party cookies that have pink or blue creamy filling inside from your favourite baker.


22. Helium Balloons

To have an airborne experience while releasing your upcoming baby’s gender with your friends and family:

  1. Try these helium balloons.
  2. Grab a huge box and fill it with as much as possible pink or blue helium balloons.
  3. Get ready to open it at the Party.
  4. Don’t forget to take all the fantastic pictures of your personalized experience.

People Also Ask:

  •  Is gender reveal powder washable?

    It is 90% washable. However, do not rub hard while removing the colour. Instead, use lukewarm water and mild soap to rinse it. If you still have it on your skin, we advise you to apply coconut or simple oil before washing it off with soap.


  •  What do you put on a gender reveal cake?

    Keep the cake toppers and cake candles pink and blue or neutral coloured. However, the filling has to be your desired colour, like pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Moreover, you can put blue and pink onesies, milk bottles, pacifiers or other baby-related items.


  • How can I surprise my family gender?

    Suppose you want to keep it a private gender reveal celebration within your family. In that case, you can have fun in numerous ways with these simple gender reveal ideas like Present Opening Reveal, Balloon Box Launch, Confetti-filled Balloons, Scratch the card to reveal, Painted handprints, or you can have a pink or blue party theme. But, most importantly, decorate a beautiful tree-set freestanding with all cool pictures of your family.


  • What are the best gender reveal gifts?

    When you don’t know the gender of the coming soon baby, you should try to gift something useful for the mother like a plush robe, sweets, jewelry, customized mug or spa basket, etc.


Whether you are welcoming a handsome boy or a cute girl into your family, knowing the upcoming baby’s gender is half the fun; however, the way of revealing is the other half. We are sure these sweetest, cutest and most clever ideas will fill your big announcement with excitement. 


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