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It seems that the latest trend for Baby names seems to go with old-fashioned names. The frillier and longer, the more appealing. We’ve seen a lot of girls with names like Felicity, Penelope, and Isabella. These names, once obscure, are now common. You could have more than four Sophia’s or Olivia’s in the same class!
One option to defy fashion is to pick the shortest and sweet name for the little girl. Names that are one syllable are easy and gorgeous. Your child will be different from the rest of the girls.
Another benefit of using simple names is that they are less likely to be misspelled or assigned a nickname you may not like. Your baby girl won’t need to correct a teacher her first day in school, unlike the case of a Katherine who likes Kate and a Margaret who is known as Maggie.

Below you’ll find our list of the best one-syllable girl names in alphabetical order with their origin and meanings:

Tip of the day

After you finally decided on the baby’s name, many parents order a wooden sign with all of its letters and make it into something special for their nurseries.

If you haven’t decided yet, here are a few more related articles with all kinds of unique baby names to help you decide:

100+ Popular one syllable girl names (pretty & vintage)


  • Anne (Hebrew) “gracious or full of grace”

  • Ash (English) “of the ash tree”


  • Bee (English) “bringer of joy”

  • Belle (French) “beautiful”

  • Bess (English) “God is my oath”

  • Beth (English) “pledged to God”

  • Blaire (Scottish) “plain; field”

  • Blake (English) “fair-haired; dark”

  • Blanch (French, German) “white; pure”

  • Bliss (English) “cheerful or joy”

  • Blythe (English) “happy or carefree”

  • Brie (French, Latin) “marshland”

  • Britt (Scandinavian) “exalted; lofty”

  • Brooke (German) “water; small stream”

  • Brynn (Welsh) “hill”


  • Cate (Latin, French, English, Welsh) “pure or innocent”

  • Claire (French) “clear or bright”


  • Dawn (English) “the first appearance of light or daybreak”

  • Dee (English, Scottish) “swarthy”

  • Dell (English) “small valley or glen”

  • Dew (Gaelic) “dew”

  • Dot (Greek) “gift of God”

  • Dove (English) “dove; a bird”

  • Drew (English, Scottish) “manly”


  • Elle (French) “she”

  • Eve (Hebrew) “life or living”


  • Faith (English) “to trust”

  • Fate (French) “faith”

  • Fawn (English) “young deer”

  • Faye (English) “fairy”

  • Flo (Latin) “flower”

  • Fran (Latin) “from France or free one”


  • Gail (Hebrew) “my father rejoices”

  • Gem (Latin) “gem; jewel”

  • Grace (Latin) “God’s favor”

  • Gray (English, Scottish) “welcome; pleasing”

  • Gwen (Welsh) “white; holy”


  • Harp (Scottish) “player on the harp”

  • Hope (English) “virtue of hope”


  • Jade (Spanish) “stone of the side”

  • Jan (Hebrew) “gift from God”

  • Jane (English) “God is gracious”

  • Jean (English) “God is gracious”

  • Jess (Hebrew) “rich; God beholds”

  • Jett (English) “jet black”

  • Jewel (English) “precious stone”

  • Jill (English) “child of the gods”

  • Joan (English) “God is gracious”

  • Joss (English) “the merry one”

  • Joy (Latin) “happiness”

  • Joyce (Latin) “lord”

  • Jules (French) “youthful; downy”

  • June (Latin) “young”


  • Kate (English) “pure”

  • Kay (Greek) “rejoice”

  • Kim (English) “bold family”


  • Lace (French) “fine open-woven fabric”

  • Lark (American) “songbird”

  • Layne (English) “dweller by the road”

  • Leigh (English) “meadow; delicate”

  • Lise (German) “God is my oath”

  • Liv (Norse) “shelter; protection; life”

  • Liz (English) “God is my oath”

  • Love (English) “full of love; female wolf”

  • Lynn (Welsh) “lake”


  • Mae (English) “bitter or pearl”

  • Maeve (Irish) “she who rules; the intoxicating one”

  • May (English) “Goddess Maia or family of Matthew”

  • Meg (English, Greek) “pearl”


  • Nell (English) “bright or shining one”

  • Neve (Irish) “bright; snowy”

  • Noor (Arabic) “light; illumination”


  • Paige (French) “young servant”

  • Pam (English) “all honey”

  • Pearl (English) “smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk”

  • Prim (French) “first; delicate”


  • Quinn (Irish) “descendant of Conn; wise; counsel”


  • Rae (Hebrew, English) “ewe or female sheep”

  • Rain (American) “abundant blessings from above”

  • Reese (Welsh) “enthusiastic or ardent”

  • Rose (Latin) “rose; a flower”

  • Rue (English) “herb or diminutive form of Ruth”

  • Ruth (Hebrew) “companion; friend; vision of beauty”


  • Sage (Latin) “wise”

  • Shaye (Irish) “hawk”

  • Shore (English) “dweller at the shore”

  • Skye (Norse) “cloud”

  • Sloane (Irish) “raider”

  • Snow (English) “someone with very white hair or an exceptionally pale complexion”

  • Spring (English) “To burst forth; to leap”

  • Star (American) “a star”

  • Sue (English) “lily”


  • Tess (English) “to harvest”

  • Trish (English) “noble”

  • Triss (Latin) “happy or blessed”

  • True (English) “real or genuine”


  • Val (Latin) “strong; valiant”

  • Viv (Latin) “alive”


  • Wren (English) “small bird”

  • Wynn (English) “friend”


  • Yaa (African) “born on a Thursday”


  • Zoi (Greek) “life”

  • Zein (Latvian) “fragrant or beautiful”

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