July 31, 2022

Nursery set up ideas for small rooms

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Every parent wants the best when it comes to their bundle of joy. Right from the initial stages of pregnancy to the birth of their child, parenthood is a magical journey. Every kid needs foremost care, whether it is in a spacious house or a studio apartment in the city.

We all have different lifestyles, which results in different living conditions. Nevertheless, there are some things that we all need to put together before the arrival of our toddler- a nursery being one of them. 

Now, nurseries need not be big, they need to be efficient. It does not matter whether the space at hand is big or small, a nursery should provide a safe and comfortable space for the baby. The only catch being- with smaller nurseries, every nook counts.

Of course, setting up a nursery calls for some creativity, especially when working with small spaces. There are tons of products in the market that are directed towards expecting parents and picking the right products can get rather overwhelming especially when there isn’t enough space to fit them all. 

But who said setting up a functioning nursery in small rooms can be hard? Why not transform our baby’s nursery into the small package that good things often come in? Let’s make the best of the smallest available space in your house. Here are some nursery set-up ideas for small rooms to make the task simpler

Read on for your nursery- Eureka moment!

Baby nursery essentials list 

Awaiting the arrival of your baby can be an exciting period. We want to have everything ready before the day finally comes, right?

But finding products fitting your requirements can be hard. Often anxious new parents fall prey to marketing strategies and end up buying unnecessary items. 

There are three basic things that our nursery should have:

  1. A place for the baby to sleep
  2. A place to store the baby’s clothes and linens.
  3. Finally, a place to change the diapers.

One thing to keep in mind with smaller nurseries is that the purchases should be logical not emotional. Easier said than done, right? But fret not, for here is a precise baby nursery essential list to help ease your work. 

  • The Crib

Since we’re tight on space, we are going to keep it as hassle-free as possible. Who needs one of those traditional cribs when you can get a lighter, cheaper model which takes up much less space. Couple that with a good mattress, some crib sheets and a waterproof mattress cover- you’re good to go!

 All a crib needs to be is sturdy, safe and comfortable. Getting a crib with drawers could help save a lot of space as it could act as a storage space for the baby’s essentials.

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Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer and Changer

A convenient all-in-one nursery solution. With four different ways to use this crib, it is the only piece of furniture you need for your baby’s first years. The changing table converts into a daybed, toddler bed, and full size bed (optional conversion kit sold separately). The changer includes 3 concealed drawers and 2 open shelves for storage as well as a water resistant vinyl changing pad with safety strap. 

  • The Dresser

Another important thing to have in a nursery is a dresser to store the baby’s clothes, diapers, pacifiers etc. 

A hack that could come in handy is getting a dresser with padding on top to function as a changing table. 

When buying a dresser, we must check the number of compartments- and pick the one with numerous small shelves than the dresser with a few large racks. This could be a savior when organizing your baby’s supplies.

Here is a products that will help you ace the organizing game:

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Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

This is a great dresser that is designed to match any Storkcraft crib, glider or changing table. Can be used for storing baby’s clothes, socks, onesies and even burp rags and diapers! The cabinets are made of MDF and wood veneers, which are strong enough to handle heavy loads but light enough for easy moving. The white color will fit with any decor and compliment your existing baby accessories.

  • The changing table

Since we’re dealing with smaller rooms here, let’s nix the niceties and pick a changing table that could act as storage. Alternatively, opt for portable changing trays that could be placed on top of the crib and function efficiently.

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Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Has a classic, traditional design that will look great in your nursery. This changing table is made of solid wood and wood composites to provide long-lasting durability. The changing pad features two fixed shelves for open storage. The safety rails enclose all four sides around the top of the table to keep your baby safe while you change his or her diaper. This changing table meets all safety and anti-tipping standards. It is tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards.

  • A nursing chair

Now, this one is extremely important for the mother. The nursing chair should allow the mother to sit back and feed the baby comfortably. It does not have to be anything fancy. Get the most comfortable chair in your house and adjust it close enough to the crib.

Don’t forget to get a pillow to prop your baby’s head when feeding him/her for proper digestion.

Ditch the conventions, keep it minimal. There is an endless list of things that you could fill your child’s nursery with, but with this baby nursery essential list, you can master the goal of setting up a small-room nursery!
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Haotian FST15-DG Comfortable Rocking Chair

This chair for breastfeeding is made of birch wood, which is a very durable and strong material. It has a stable frame with varnished coating. This cover is removable and washable. It comes in a flat pack and self-assembly required.

Modern Nursery Ideas

Modern nurseries are a far cry from what was used to raise us. Well, with changing times- ideas need to change. One cannot go wrong with a modern design when it comes to small-spaced nurseries. When dealing with small rooms, emphasis must be laid on simplicity and functionality. These easy modern nursery ideas are a boon to busy parents who don’t want to compromise their baby’s needs whilst keeping it breezy.

  • Keep it fresh and sophisticated

The whole point of opting for modern nurseries is to keep the environment clean and clutter-free. Opt for a neutral color palette. Don’t splurge on unnecessary wall paintings. Instead, use the space on the walls to hang essential stuff which you wouldn’t have to fish for in the drawers every time. Create a space that could be used by your little one to grow into, even in years to come.

  • Go green

What’s better than a natural air purifier? Got a window- add some potted plants. Put some flowers on top of the dresser. Hassle-free decor at your disposal!

  • The Airy space

With the suggested neutral color palette, keep the furniture very minimal. With small spaces, keeping it airy is very important. Opt for multi-purpose furniture to keep as much free space as possible. Pair that with light colored bedding. Creamy tones can help the nursery appear spacious.

  • Juggle with Geometry

A modern nursery comes to life when you play around with geometry. Sleek designs with pops of faded color give the nursery a spacious look without making it seem busy. Geometric patterns create cohesion throughout the small-room nursery. 

  • Wing it with the wallpaper

It’s very important to get lighter wallpaper to compliment the small room that would be the nursery. Vertical Stripes can make the room seem taller. Now, it would be smart to get washable wallpaper- for obvious reasons!

  • Avoid the clutter

Use up any space available without making the room overcrowded. Work smart, parents! 

Use the wall, get hooks, get hangable shelves, keep everything within reach. Nobody wants fuss when catering to our kid’s needs, right?

  • Embrace the dark side

The decor of your nursery should be able to mimic nighttime at any given hour. Get thick curtains. Opt for sensible lighting, keep mellow to allow your baby to feel sleepy without the added fuss. It doesn’t have to be dungeon dark, just allow yourself to fake it when required, to keep the bedtime blues at bay!

Small Nursery Storage Ideas

With small nurseries, effective storage is a game-changer. From claiming any available space to picking out modern multi-purpose furniture, every nook should be put to optimal use. 

  • Pick out shelves that can be hung on the wall

  • Add brims and baskets to the door

  • Add a double pole to the closet to adjust more clothes 

  • Use up the space under the crib

  • Pick out versatile and multi-purpose furniture

Baby Nursery Ideas for Small Rooms

When setting up a nursery in a small space, practicality is the only need. Yes, of course, the nursery needs to have all the required furniture, but it also needs to have enough space to move. The idea is to keep the nursery clutter-free.

Every square inch can make a difference. Whether you choose a traditional themed nursery or go for a more modern approach, the goal should be to negate the fuss.  

  1. Use Lighter paint on the wall

  2. Proper lighting does wonders for smaller rooms

  3. Opt for a smaller crib or a  multi-purpose crib

  4. Get portable changing trays

  5. Get rid of closet doors in the nursery or opt for sliding doors

Crib placement in the room

The crib must be placed in a way to promote ease of movement. Smaller cribs are much easier to place in a room with a shortage of space. 

It is always smart to opt for cribs with space under them to place bins and hampers underneath to efficiently use all the space in the room. Cribs with soft close drawers are huge lifesavers!

Conventionally the crib should be placed close to the door so as to reach the baby quickly in the middle of the night or in case of any emergency.

With lifestyle changes, it’s becoming common for parents to opt for smaller apartments, owing to which nurseries are set up in smaller rooms. Nurseries do not need to be big and fancy, they need to be practical for the child to be safe.

In the early stages, the nursery caters to the needs of the parent rather than that of the baby.  Space in the nursery needs to be well managed and the room needs to be fuss-free for the parent to tend to the child.

However, having a small nursery does not mean you have to settle for less, and you can always consider sharing the bedroom as well if it helps expand more.

Parents sharing a small room with the baby ideas

Another useful way of making good use of your humble abode would be to share your room with your baby. It is a good way to keep an eye on the baby and ensure a safe environment. 

It is highly recommended for a parent to be in the same room as the baby till it reaches a certain age. All one needs is a crib and a dresser with a few portable trays.

Of course, the room needs to be quieter, with a different set of lighting. Here are some tips helping parents who share their room with their baby

  • Create a distinct baby zone in your room
  • Opt for a multi-purpose crib
  • Get a portable changing table 
  • Opt for heavier curtains in your room
  • Invest in a white noise machine

Creating a baby corner in the parent’s room is very efficient. The child can be constantly looked after by either parent, completely ruling out the need for baby monitors

However, the nook needs to be specifically curated. When parents share their room with the baby, it should cater to the needs of a baby. It is no longer an adult room, it automatically transforms into a baby-friendly room. Mentally prepare yourself to have a tiny little roommate!

Making room for baby in one bedroom apartment

Financial limitations cannot stop anyone from wanting the best for their child. It may be hard, but it isn’t impossible to make room for a baby in a one-bedroom apartment. With the right set of organizational skills, it can be a cakewalk!

  • Decide where you would want to put your baby and curate a tiny nursery in that corner
  • Get a crib that has storage units to optimize the space
  • Invest in heavy curtains for the baby corner to not disturb the baby’s nap time
  • Divide closed space and make rook for the baby’s clothes and linen as well.
  • Invest in items that have a multi purpose feature 
  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture taking up space
  • Try to keep it as minimal as possible

Parents, remember to keep it minimal. You wouldn’t need all the extra stuff. Ditch the just-in-case mindset! It’s rather easy to set a nursery up in small rooms. Pick optimal storage options and opt for the right kind of versatile furniture. The trick is working smart. Put on your creative hats and go big on that small nursery!

People also ask:

Is it legal to have a baby in a one-bedroom apartment

The answer to the age-old question, of course, it is legal to have a baby in a one-bedroom apartment. There is no law telling you how and where to raise your child. The child needs love and care, it does not matter whether the said love is given to him in a big house or a small one. 

Yes, it can be challenging- but definitely not illegal!


You can do it! The child needs love and care, it does not matter whether the said love is given to him in a big house or a small one. Yes, it can be challenging- but definitely worth it. When you put your mind to something there’s no stopping you from achieving what you want most for yourself and those who depend on you (even if that means creating an amazing nursery with minimal space). Your baby deserves the best of everything so don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Remember all they need is their parents’ unconditional loving attention – which they will get plenty of in any size room at home or elsewhere.

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