September 22, 2022

Most popular middle names for girls

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Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy is exciting but also a challenging task. Because you want a name that is as powerful and beautiful as your little one. But the struggle doesn’t end here because, once you have finally agreed on a first name, you decide to pick a middle one. While deciding on a first name is tough, choosing a middle name for a newborn can be just as difficult because it must match the first and last names, or you could want it to commemorate some of the most significant people in your life. 

Recent research shows that 55% of parents have stated that their child’s middle name was chosen to commemorate a loved family member. In contrast, 15% stated that the selected name is a part of their family tradition for generations.

When it comes to choosing middle names, what would be your choice? Do you use it as a tribute to a parent or someone you love? Do you pick something a bit more unusual? Or do you just go with the first thing you both don’t hate?

If your head is spinning with all the above questions, relax! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common middle names for girls, as well as others you might not have thought. In any case, they’ll go with a wide range of first names. It’s also easier than utilizing a name generator! So let’s get started on this baby girl names list, which is full of interesting and lovely middle names. 

Tip of the day

After you finally decided on the baby’s name, many parents order a wooden sign with all of its letters and make it into something special for their nurseries.

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#32 of the most popular Middle names for girls and their meanings


1. Ann

Ann is of Jewish origin, and English origin meaning is ‘grace’. Ann, over time, becomes popular as a girl’s name of Hebrew. This middle name gives any first name a beautiful touch of grace as per its meaning. If you already have the first name a bit longer, then Ann is the perfect choice as it is popular in 1-syllable middle names. The alternative forms are Anne, Anni if you are considering similar names for twins


2. Ava

Ava is a German origin name that means ‘bird’. Eva could be a short variation form of Chava which means, ‘life or living one’. The famous namesake of Ava is actress Ava Gardner. 


3. Blair

Blair is a Gaelic origin name, and it is derived from a Scottish surname. Blair means ‘field’ or ‘dweller on the plain’. In the USA, Blair is gaining momentum. Blair is a unisex name, and the alternative forms are Blair, Blair, and Blayre. 


4. Bree

Bree is an English-origin name that means ‘power’. Bree is the English form of the Irish from the Irish name Bright. The alternative form of Bree can be Brianna or Gabriella. Choose the Bree for your daughter if you think she is going to be a powerful woman.


5. Bella

Bella is an Italian origin name that means, ‘beautiful and it is considered a diminutive of Isabella. Bella is often regarded as a suffix, for example, Christabella, Isabella, Annabella, Arabella, Gabella, or Isabella. The nickname of Bella can be Bell. Bella is on the top-notch in 2-syllable middle names. 


6. Calla

Calla is a Greek and Latin origin name that means ‘beauty or pretty. Calla is also the name of a popular lily. In addition, Calla is a strong Swedish feminine name. 


7. Cora

Cora is a Greek origin name, and Cora was an epithet for the Goddess Persephone from Greek. The name wasn’t famous or heard before James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, ‘The Last of the Mohicans, was published in 1826, which had a character named Cora. 


8. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Greek origin name that means ‘my God is an oath. Elizabeth was most commonly known in Eastern European families since the 12th century before becoming prominent in Western Europe. However, after Elizabeth 4 and Elizabeth 5, it was known for being the most consistently popular royal name as well as the most famous middle name for girls all around Europe and the USA.


9. Eve

Eve is a Hebrew origin name that means ‘breath’ or ‘to live’. Eve was the name of the first female who was mentioned in the Old Testament. Another variant form of Eve became popular in the 19th century. 


10. Faith

Faith is an English-origin name that means ‘to trust’. Faith is one of the popular names from Puritan times, and it is considered one of the top-notch virtues of that era.


11. Frida

Frida is a Scandinavian origin name, and it is derived from German which means, ‘peace’. The alternative form of Frida is Freida. The famous namesake is renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


12. Grace

Grace is a Latin origin name that is meaning is ‘grace, beauty. Grace was prominently used in Puritan times. This is the short and sweet one-syllable name for the baby girl’s middle name. 


13. Hope

Hope is an English-origin name that means ‘hope’. So you can choose this sort and sweet 1-syllable middle name for your little girl as she is going to fill your world with joy and hope. 


14. Isabella

Isabella is Hebrew via a Greek Latin name, which means, ‘God is my abundance’ or ‘God is my oath’. Isabella is the most common and popular baby name of females. The Latin version of this name is Isabel, and royal family names mainly use this name. It gained popularity in the USA in 1990.


15. Jun

Jun is a Japanese origin name that means ‘pure, clean or moist’. The pronunciation of Jun is quite similar to June. Therefore, it would make a pretty short and unique name for a one-syllable girl’s middle name. 

16. Keri

Keri is an Irish origin name that means ‘fair, blessed poetry’. The alternative form of Keri is Kerry which is the name of an Irish country. Keri is a version of Ceri: diminutive of Cerise and Ceridwen. Keri is a unique spelling that is appealing, and it is a classy middle name for girls since decay.


17. Luna

Luna is a Latin origin name that means, ‘moon’ and Luna was also the Roman Goddess of the moon, frequently depicted with a chariot in heaven. Luna is the most common popular middle name for girls, and it is also a pretty cool celestial name.


18. Lee

Lee is an English origin name that was derived from the English surname. The English surname Lee ultimately from was Leah which meant. ‘clearing the meadow’. The Lee name was not as popular as the female name until the second half of the 20th century. 


19. Lulu

Lulu is an Arabic origin name that means ‘pearl’. The name Lulu is diminutive for the name that starts with Lu, like Luisa. Lulu is an amazing middle name for your princess as it has the best meaning for a baby girl who will be your precious pearl for a lifetime.


20. Macy

Macy is an English origin name with interesting meaning; formerly, Macy is based on an English surname, which was specifically given to the people from Massy ( a French town). You can choose this middle name for your little girl if you like short and sweet names.


21. Michael

Michael is a Hebrew origin name which means, ‘who is like God’ or ‘gift from God’. Michael’s name was found in the Old Testament, the notable character in the ‘Book of the Daniel’. Michael is historically the masculine form and most suitable and favorable middle name for boys since several decays; however, Michael over time became popular in female middle name as well.


22. Miriam

Miriam is a Hebrew and Egyptian origin name that means ‘beloved’ (Egypt), ‘sea of bitterness’ or ‘drop of the sea’ (Hebrew). Miriam has had a long consistency on the U.S popular baby girl middle names. Miriam is also popular in international names. Miriam is associated with Jewish people because of her strong Biblical character. The famous namesake is a famous actress and voice and speech teacher, Miriam Silverman.


23. Nina

Nina is a Russian origin name, and in Spanish, it means ‘little girl’. The meaning itself shows that it can be a perfect middle name for your little daughter. Technically, Nina is a short form for names that end in NINA, like Giannia or Antonina.  


24. Olivia

Olivia is a Latin origin name that means ‘olive tree’. Although Olivia is a girl name, the masculine form is Oliver or Olive. Olivia was the most popular in the 20th century because of Olivia’s Shakespearean character in the novel ‘Twelfth Night’. 


25. Pearl

Pearl is a Latin origin name which was ‘Perla, and it means the term for the round object you would find in an oyster. You would like to know that the pearl is the birthstone of June. If so, then your baby is due. Moreover, pearls impart wealth and health, so having such a beautiful name for your daughter is without a doubt the best choice. 


26. Rose

Rose is Norman and Germanic origin name which means ‘famous type’. Probably, a flower comes to your mind whenever considering the name Rose as it is associated with the flower as well. So, if you wish your daughter one day to smell sweet, look pretty as a rose, and become famous, then you can never go wrong with Rose as a middle name for her. 


27. Starr

Starr is a Pre-Modern English origin name that means ‘beauty of the celestial bodies burning brightly in the night’. A perfect middle name just as its meaning. Moreover, it is a 1-syllable name that is easy to set as a middle name. The variation of this name is Starla, Stella, Starre, or Steorra. 


28. Sophia

Sophia is a Greek origin name that means’ ‘wisdom’. During the Middle Ages, Sophia was one of the common names among royal families. Eventually, it became used in the USA and later on widely used as the international name. The alternative form is Sofia.


29. Thea

Thea is a Greek and Sanskrit origin name which means ‘gift of god’. The variation form of Thea is Theia, and it can also be used in short forms like Dorothea, Theodora, Timothea, or Althea. If you choose Thea in the middle name for your daughter, it would stand out from the pack. 


30. Victoria

Victoria is a Latin-origin name that means ‘victory’. Victoria gained popularity and prominence in England because of Queen Victoria. Gradually, Victoria became a famous name, and it was widely used all over the world. The masculine form of this name is Victor.


31. Yadira

Yadira is a Latin American origin name, and it means ‘mystery’. Yadira became popular in Mexico in the 1940s after the name of Yadira Jimenez – the Colombian actress who worked impressively in many Mexican movies.  


32. Zhen

Zhen is a Chinese origin name that means ‘potter’. But if you depend on the Chinese characters, the female name means precious, virtuous, or genuine, and these are the without a doubt, the best meaning for your daughter. The character for Zhen was used as a title for one who made pottery and descendants of a potter of this era had adopted this name as a surname.

People Also Ask:

Should I choose my family member’s name as my daughter’s middle name?

A child’s middle name is a wonderful way to honor a loved family member. It might be a departed relative or a living family member who means a lot to the parents. Because middle names do not have to be gender-specific, this might be a nice spot to include male or female family members. 


Can you use a surname as a middle name?

Some parents want to use a family surname as a middle name, such as the mother’s maiden name. This permits both sides of the family to give the kid their names. In addition, any name that has sentimental value in the family might be used as a middle name. 


How to choose the middle name?

There are several things you can consider while choosing your baby’s middle name like, give a personal meaning, mind the monogram, consider nicknames, pay attention to the flow, consider baby name meanings, choose from the family tree, have little fun with it or consider from one of the top middle names.


Is it important to have a middle name?

A middle name is not legally necessary in any country; however, it is advisable to use it if your first and last names are common. Moreover, middle names offer positions to personalize your kid’s name. Finally, middle names represent a person and idea that is appealing to many parents.


Can middle names change?

With restrictions and limitations, you can change your middle name. In NSW, you can only change your name once in twelve months and three times in your lifetime. Moreover, if you change your name or use another name or an additional name to break the law, possibilities are there, you could face criminal charges.


Choosing a middle name for your newborn girl may be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. You may either start from scratch and select something you like, or you can seek a name that fits your initial name. We hope that our list of baby middle names will help you in considering various themes for your inspiration.

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