September 25, 2022

Most popular middle names boy

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To find a perfect name for your baby is a personal and sensitive process, where you have to go through many brainstorms with your spouse, family, and even friends. If choosing the first name is hard for parents, hitting upon the middle name is even trickier. Middle name comes with its struggle; here, you have to choose the one that goes along with the first and last name, and importantly, it should work for you and your family.

“Designing a name is like designing a house. There are lots of rules for matching colors and patterns, but at last, it just needs to work for you.”

Tip of the day

After you finally decided on the baby’s name, many parents order a wooden sign with all of its letters and make it into something special for their nurseries.

If you haven’t decided yet, here are a few more related articles with all kinds of unique baby names to help you decide:

How to choose a perfect middle name?

You can probably choose your little boy’s name from the ‘Family Tree.’ Selecting a middle term to honor a beloved family member has always been in trend. Keep your son’s name from your relative, ancestor, or friend as a commemoration. Celebrate your heritage – A middle name is the best way to acknowledge the location or place that you or your family belong to. It can be your city or country name or a particular area that you are emotionally attached to. In contrast, you can choose any name that works for you. It can be cool, cute, unique, strong, familiar, popular, or something you had never heard before.

As a result, we have rounded up high and low for the best mix of middle names for boys. So whether you love a timeless pick or seek something modern, Here is our list!

35 Most popular middle names for boys and their meanings

1. Aiden

Aiden is an Irish origin name that means ‘little fire.’ In the Gaelic language, it is the God of the sun and fire. So start a little fire in the middle of your boy’s name, as per its meaning. Moreover, it goes nicely with other characters, making Aiden a perfect male middle name. Alternative forms are Aodh, Aodhan, or Aedan.

2. Ajex

Ajax is a Greek origin name that means ‘earth.’ In Greek mythology, Ajax was a hero known for his size, strength, and bravery. If you see your little boy, a future powerful man, then you can never go wrong with Ajax. Ajax can bring that little extra to his first name.

3. Amory

Amory is Teutonic, English, and German origin name. Amory has different meanings in each language; Amory means ‘Brave’ and ‘powerful‘ in English. In Germany it means, ‘leader’ and ‘divine’; and in Teutonic, it means ‘hard working. Moreover, Amory-a gender-neutral name, is unique and has versatile meaning. 

4. Alfonso

Alfonso is a German name that means ‘noble’ and ‘ready.’ Alfonso was a famous name of royal families, especially in Spanish and Portuguese kings; several princes were named Alfonso. The alternative forms are Alonzo, Alonso, or Alfonse, perfect if you got twins and want to give them similar names.

5. Asher

Asher is a Hebrew origin name, which means ‘blessed’ and ‘happy.’ Asher is a biblical name, and it was also in the Old Testament. Although Asher is an ancient historical name, it is still the boys’ unique and modern middle name. The alternative form is another.

6. Ann

Ann is a Latin origin name that means ‘favored’ or ‘grace.’ The alternative forms and variations of this name are Anna, Ana, Annie, etc. Anna is a female Latin version of the name Anna and this, in turn, represents the Hebrew Hannah. Hence, it was a strong female given name for a century; however, Ann, over time, earned equal popularity in baby boy names.

7. Beau

Beau is a French origin name, which means ‘beautiful.’ In the 20th century, it became a common name; it became equally appealing to girls since it is the perfect middle name for a beautiful baby of any gender. 

8. Bodhi

Bodhi is an Indian-origin name that means ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening.’ Over the past few decades, Bodhi has earned popularity as a first name. Bodhi is related to Buddhism, representing the concept of strong liberation from greed and attachment. Hence, this name is true to your boy. 

9. Blake

Blake is an English origin name that means ‘dark.’ Blake is also an Old English surname. Blake is a unisex name. If your boy is born full of dark hair, Blake is the perfect middle name for your son.

10. Chad

Chad is an Old English origin name that means ‘battle.’ Chad is a saint’s name. Until the 1960s, Chad was a rare name, and it suited that time of period nicely. If you like that era and the sound of Chad, then you can choose it as your little one’s middle name. 

11. Chase

Chase is a Middle English origin name that means ‘hunt’ or ‘to go after. Formerly, the Chase was an alternative form of a hunter. Chase is the right choice for your son if you and your spouse like the sport.

12. Cario

Cario is an Egyptian origin name that means ‘Victorious.’ Cario is the capital of Egypt. You can choose Cario as a middle name; if Egyptian culture influences you or your partner, then you may never go wrong with this name.

13. Donovan

Donovan is an Irish origin name that means ‘descendant of Donndubhan.’ Donovan was derived from an Irish surname. Donovan was on the top-notch in the early 2000s. Donovan is a unique middle name for your son.

14. Dion

Dion is a Greek origin name that means, ‘God of wine.’ Dion is a short form of the Greek name Dionysus or Dionysos, believed to be the God of wine. It also means Zeus, who was the superior Greek God. Dion is popular in the American-African name, and the alternative form of Dion are Deon or Deion. 

15. Emmett

Emmett is of German, Hebrew, and English origin that means ‘universal,’ ‘hard worker,’ or ‘truth.’ Emmett is derived from a surname. Emmett is the male version of the name Emma. 

16. Edward

Edward is an Old English origin name that means ‘prosperity’ and ‘fortune.’ Edward is a good choice to set between your both characters. The alternatives forms are Ed or Eddie, and you may never know your son may accompany famous namesakes on the red carpet, Ed Harris, Eddie Murphy, Ed Norton, etc. Edward was the second most popular name in the list of 1930-1939: male names. However, Edward, over time, earned equal popularity in female middle characters as well.

17. Grant

Grant is a French-origin name that means ‘great.’ Grant is an English and Scottish surname from the Norman French. Grant wasn’t on the list of popular names since President Ulysses S. Grant. But, the grant will suit your boy if you are dreaming big things for him.  

18. Helios

Helios is a Greek origin name that means ‘sun god.’ According to Greek mythology Helios was a god of the sun who rode in a chariot up in the sky to bring up the sun each morning. That would be a perfect image for your son, who will bring immense brightness to your life every day.

19. Henry

Henry is an English-origin name that means. ‘Ruler of the home.’ And there is no doubt that your bundle of joy is preparing to rule the house. Henry is a popular name from clout, from kinds to philosophers. Henry was always on the top list of popular baby boy names that mean you don’t need to look far to find a Henry.

20. Ian

Ian is a Scottish origin name, and that means. ‘God is gracious. Ian is a name with a seriously cool look. A smart way to commemorate John in your life, Ian is the Scottish form of John. Ian has more than enough elegance in its three letters. Ian has a distinct look from most of the top names.

21. James

James is an English origin name, which means ‘supplanter.’ James has stood without a single fall forage in the list of popular names for boys. Moreover, a man with this name has fixtures on screen, stage, literature, and movies. Not just that, James has been a strong moniker for artists. James is an English form of Jacob as well. James – A middle name is also on the top-notch. It was a popular masculine name in history; however, James, over time, became popular in baby girl names as well. The female variation forms of James are Jacqueline, Jacobina, Jameson, or Jasmine.

22. Joseph

Joseph is a Hebrew origin name that means, ‘He will add.’ Joseph is a biblical name. Joseph has also been the name of leaders, kings, sports stars. Joseph is, without a doubt, a strong middle name for boys. However, Joseph, over time, earned popularity in baby girl popular middle names as well. The alternative forms of Joseph are Joe, Jojo, Joey, Seph, or Jozef.

23. John

John is a Hebrew origin name that means, ‘God is gracious,’ is derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan. A strong masculine name has stood strong for centuries; John – A – one-syllable option is great for your son because it is a classic choice that is unique from the trendy commotion. If you want to go with the flow, John is on the top of your favorite names list. 

24. Kurt

Kurt is a German origin name that means ‘Brave counsel.’ The spelling variation of Kurt is Curt. In French, Curt means courteous, as it is derived from the Curtis, and Kurt is also a short form for the German name Conrad. You can’t go wrong with either meaning.

25. Liam

Liam is an Irish origin name that means’ ‘helmet of will’ or ‘guardians.’ Irish is the short form of William. In the 80s, Liam was on the top list of popular boy’s middle names, and however, in 2017, it became the most popular boy’s name in the USA. Liam is a charming name for the parents to be.

25. Lee 

Lee is an English-origin name that means ‘clearing, and meadow.’ Lee was a boy’s name, ‘pasture, meadow.’ Lee is a good choice if you want something that sounds modern yet traditional. Lee is a unisex name. The alternative forms of Lee are Le, Lew, and Leigh.

26. Lucas

Lucas is a Latin origin name that means ‘from Lucania.’ Lucas is a famous surname of Star Wars classic first name. Lucas is a Latin name that is derived from the Greek Loukas. Lucas – A popular name for boys as it manages for both rugged and refined. 

27. Michael

Michael is a Hebrew origin name that means, ‘who is like God?’ or ‘gift from God.’ Michael is in Old Testament; in the Bible, he was an archangel and is also considered the patron saint of soldiers. Therefore Michael is popular in patriotic names as well. Michael was a popular name between Byzantine and Russian emperors. Although, historically, the masculine form of the name Michael, over time, became popular in female form.

28. Max

Max is a Latin origin name that means ‘the greatest. Max is derived from Maxwell and Maximilian. Max has the mysterious power of sounding powerful and cute all at the same time. Max is the best choice for your son if you want him to have the greatest in every sphere of life.

29. Noah

Noah is a Hebrew origin name that means. ‘rest.’ As per the Bible, Noah had built an ark to save his animals and family from the deadly flood. Noah was a popular name in Puritans. So your son can have the feeling of pride if you give him this name. 

30. Oliver

Oliver is a French origin name that means ‘olive tree.’ Olive is also a famous English surname. Oliver is a strong masculine name, and it became popular in the 19th century after ‘Oliver Twist by Dickens. It’s also a unisex name, and many parents consider it a beautiful choice for baby boys and girls.

As far as the writing is concerned, there are two Oliver writing styles that you could choose from. One is ‘Olivier,’ and another is ‘Oliver.’ Olivier comes from the Provence region in southern France. The spelling variation of Olivier can go up to 7 letters, such as Olivie, Olivi, Olivet, Oliviez, etc. If you want a short and traditional spelling for your baby boy, the name ‘Oliver’ might be a great choice as it comes from England.

31. Peter

Peter is the best name, and it stands firm for the test of time, maybe because of its name meaning rock that represents strangeness. Peter is an English origin name, which means ‘rock.’ If you have Peter in your life, they are as strong as a rock. 

32. Tad

Tad is a Greek and Aramaic origin name that means ‘heart.’ The short form of Tad is Thaddeus. Tad is possibly enough for your little one if he wishes to have a lot of heart. 

33. Victor

Victor is an English-origin name that means ‘winner.’ The word is itself more than enough to motivate your little boy throughout his life struggles. You may never go wrong with victor as a middle name for your boy.

34. William

William is a German origin name that means ‘desire and helmet.’ Initially, William was a common name of Normans, but gradually it became immensely popular in England after William the Conqueror. William was the name of Prussian and English kings. Although, it was in the top 20 list of male names since 1880 in the USA. However, William, over time, became popular in unisex middle names. 

35. Xavier

Xavier is a Spain origin name that means ‘castle’ or ‘new house.’ Xavier may sound mean and badass or bright and splendid; the name is the best of both worlds. In addition to that, it is pretty cool that it has an X in your baby’s middle initial, which is nicely added. 

People Also Ask:

How to give a special meaning to the middle name?

Your child’s middle name allows you to pay homage to anything special to you. Some inspirations for baby name meanings.

  • Locations hold memories.
  • Languages that are important to the family.
  • Influential people in your life.
  • Characters from books, movies, or television.


Is Kai a boy name or a girl name?

Kai – is unisex, and it can be used equally in female and masculine forms as it is a genderless name.


What part of your name is your surname?

A surname is usually referred to as the last name because it is at the end of a person’s full name and is also known as a family name.


Choosing a middle name might not be as difficult and confusing as the first name. You may even have fun with it. However, whether you determine to go with a unique or usual middle name, before making the final choice of the middle name, it is important to see how it goes along with the first name and how the full name sounds altogether.

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