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How to host a block party near you this summer



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Block party, here you are…Summer is here, it’s time to go out and socialize! If you are lucky enough to already know your neighbor, then this is easy for you, and if you want to get to know your neighbor better, this is a great opportunity. The weather is fine, summer vacation, everyone is tired of staying indoors, you hope to have the opportunity to go outdoors, enjoy the sun and each other’s company. Here are all the tips and tricks needed to host the best summer block party.

Invite guests to the summer block party

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-How to host a very good summer block party

First, gather your neighbors and invite them to a block party. If possible, it is best to invite them in person. Texting on the road can be very helpful. Rule of thumb-invite everyone! Even if you don’t really know your neighbors or think they don’t want to go, please invite them anyway. Even if you rarely see them, you may be surprised at who is willing to participate, and even if they cannot participate, you may start a new friendship, which is a good predictor of what will happen.

Also, don’t limit the block party to your block, make sure these are the first guests you might think of and the easiest to invite, but if your daughter likes to play with kids, then the next block, or you Your neighbor is super friendly to the family on the other side of the neighbor. Don’t be shy and invite them too. The more you think about it, the better. You won’t do all the cleaning or cooking, so more people means that everyone is more interesting at a block party.

Remember, for those who don’t want to come, make sure they know the time of the block party and provide your mobile number in case they have any questions. In most cases, even if they don’t want to join, people are happy to have fun with others, but you definitely don’t want your neighbors to be upset! It’s a simple gesture that will play a big role in the end, maybe they will even come to say hello and join in when they realize they have missed the opportunity.

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Assign responsibilities to the block party

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-How to host a very good summer block party

The best part of a block party is that you can host a party without having to host the party yourself. Instead of busy cleaning before the house or making sure you have everything that everyone needs, on the contrary, the whole block will be invested, This means less preparation and more fun for you! Plus it’s outside, no one needs to step into your house, so don’t worry about trying to stuff everything into the closet.


Try your luck and BYOB (Bring Your Own Drink) are the most popular and easiest ways to manage food at a block party. It is important to have someone responsible for keeping the list of who brought what, so that there is no duplication and there is enough diversity for everyone. Think about foods that are easy to carry and eat, such as small appetizers, easy-to-eat main dishes such as mini sandwiches/slides, hearty dips, fruit skewers, and desserts (biscuits, brownies, cupcakes, rice crisps) Wait). Food Network There are many no-calorie summer recipes that will definitely be popular at block parties.

Or, if everyone wants to join, you can buy a food truck for the block party. Taco trucks are always popular and easier for you! Since everyone has their own favorite drink and the house is close, keep it simple and let everyone bring their own drink. From children to adults, everyone can enjoy the block party. Also, be sure to tell everyone to bring napkins, plates, or cutlery. This will help reduce the number of additional items you need to purchase.

Tables and seats

There are two ways to solve the seating problem of the block party, BYO-think bring your chairs (camping or beach chairs are perfect), or those with folding chairs can take them out for everyone to use. Some guests may be happy to bring their own chairs, but if someone has extra chairs, it is always good to put a few more chairs when the guests are mixed together. Especially if there are extra tables for eating and drinking, taller chairs will be more comfortable. There are probably a few people in the block who have some tables in their garage that they can take out to eat and drink.


You don’t really need a lot of decoration at a block party, but if the block party happens to be held on a holiday weekend, then a little decoration will be fun for everyone. Decide who wants and is willing to pick something for everyone. Think about the flags, tablecloths, and maybe some cute (but not expensive) paper plates or napkins for the block party on July 4. When the sun starts to go down, you can add some string lights or lanterns on or around the dining table to create an atmosphere.

If there are many children, it is also fun to prepare something for them, such as fireworks, glow sticks or necklaces suitable for the theme. Fortunately, these items are relatively cheap and can be found in local dollar stores. A small price to pay for extra fun for the kids, throwing it away at the end of the party won’t make you sad. If you have a few super ambitious moms in the block, you can even get together to prepare some small gift bags for the children attending the block party.

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Make a game plan for the summer block party

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-How to host a very good summer block party

The best block party will have a game plan from establishment to decomposition. Fortunately, block parties are more casual, so everyone is less stressed, but you still need to make sure that everyone knows who is doing what. Between yourself and 2-3 other ambitious neighbors, you can make a plan and who will do what at what time. It is actually easier to have only a few (most) people to help, otherwise too many chefs in the kitchen would not be a good thing.

Decide who will be responsible for the setup, and appoint a person to guide everything. After setting the table, you can easily put a card on each table to indicate which table is used for what (small snack, main course, dessert, etc.), so you can finish the work ahead of time without having to do it -The whole time. Don’t forget to put a few trash cans for everyone, because there will be a lot of trash on the table. Less thoughts about decoration, if there are decorations or objects for children, the person who takes them can decorate them.

You also need to make sure that there are enough things for the kids to have fun. From bicycles to bounce houses, even sprinklers, children can play easily. Fortunately, children like to run in groups and will keep each other busy by themselves, but with a little extra thought or plan ahead, you can easily prepare more items for the children because they will inevitably become A little tired or grumpy. With the block party over, just make sure everyone takes home what they brought home, so ideally, you have almost nothing left to clean up.

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Remember, at the end of the day, you organize a block party to reduce your work, not more. So don’t overemphasize and keep it casual, make everyone responsible for what they bring, and help the process by organizing and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Even if you don’t have a “block” yourself, you can host a rooftop party with your neighbors in a parking lot or public area, just make sure you get approval when you need it. The most important thing is to enjoy the block party!

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