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Good Gifts For Father’s Day That Won’t Break The Bank-2021



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Whether you are on a budget or just want to get the most bang for your buck, we have rounded up the good gifts for Father’s Day that won’t break the bank. Looking for good gifts for Father’s Day that are not only budget-friendly but are also sure to make the dad in your life happy? Look no further as we have all of the good gifts for Father’s Day he wants. From personal items to grilling utensils he wants, this is the list you need to peruse to find all the good gifts for Father’s Day that are guaranteed to put a smile on the dad in your life’s face, all while making your bank account happy too.


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Good Gifts for Fathers Day That Won't Break the Bank

If you’re looking for good gifts for Father’s Day, there’s nothing more practical than a wallet. Wallets are a fantastic choice as they’re not only functional and necessary but also provide a daily reminder to your Dad of how much you love him. Moonster carries unique Leather Wallets, Journals, Leather Folders, Toiletry bags and use 100% genuine leather (not PU, bonded, or faux leather). They design beautiful & rustic products and work with ethical suppliers. 

The stylish Leather Wallet will help keep Dad’s cash and cards safe, organized, and easy to access. The handcrafted wallet is made from genuine buffalo leather. This practical wallet also includes:

  • Three curved credit card slots, lined with RFID blocking material to keep your financial information secure
  • Buttoned coin pocket to keep loose change secure
  • A further two internal pockets located under the coin pouch and credit card slots
  • Two note compartments at the rear
  • Stylish outer stitching for that little extra touch
  • An attractive Moonster gift box

The Leather Wallet is a special gift that Dad will love and will last him a lifetime. 


Leather Wallet
Moonster| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


daily mom parent portal get proper

Sleep is extraordinarily important for everyone, especially for fathers who work hard to provide for those they love the most. Proper Sleep+Clarity capsules contain cognigrape, a powdered extract from the juice of the red grapevine. This powerhouse supports a healthy immune response in addition to improving cognitive performance. Give the man in your life a brain boost and a goodnight’s sleep all in one. Fall asleep faster, improve cognitive function and get enough sleep to awaken refreshed and ready for the next day. 

If you feel as though Dad’s mind is clear but he does not fully feel at peace, Proper Sleep+Calm might be the night capsule for him. Natural and GMO-free, the Sleep+Calm capsules contain L-theanine, which is an amino acid found in green tea. This amino acid promotes relaxation without drowsiness and helps you cope with the symptoms of stress. Even in the business and crazy of the work, Dad can be calm and in control. This Father’s Day, give him the sleep he needs while reducing his stress, all in one. 

Proper’s Hemp is genuine with all of its quality ingredients, with a little extra power. The Proper Sleep+Restore Hemp is a tiny convenience capsule of power. Contained within each capsule is broad-spectrum hemp extract (THC free), vegan, marine sourced omega-3 oils, and four terpenes. The all-natural ingredients are mixed with melatonin to give the special man in your life the rest he deserves in order to continue to work hard for the family he adores. These capsules are non-habit-forming and safe to take. He’ll be falling asleep faster and easier ready to wake up refreshed and restored. 

Restful, restorative sleep is in your hands and that special father in your life will thank you for such a wonderful gift. Proper Sleep+Restore Hemp can help him sleep through the night, giving him the much-needed rest he deserves.

Sleep+Restore Hemp  | Sleep+Clarity  | Sleep+Calm
Proper | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Home-made Belgian waffles coming up! For the dad who loves to make breakfast in the morning for the family, this Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker will be his new favorite gadget. With 7 different shade settings and an anti-overflow to catch any batter from making a mess on the counter, this is one of those good gifts for Father’s Day that dad will love using, kids will love eating fresh waffles and mom will love less mess after the breakfast rush in the kitchen.

Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker
Chefman| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Manta Sleep


Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show all dads how much we appreciate them. While it may be “the thought that counts” there is such thing as too many socks and ties. What Dad really wants is to sleep, which is one of those priceless good gifts for Father’s Day. Manta Sleep is here to help with their innovative sleep masks, eyecups, Travel Pillow, weighted blankets, earplugs, and much more! Its mission is to empower light sleepers to sleep better so they can do more. Manta Sleep believes great sleep is the non-negotiable foundation you need to create to unlock your full potential.

The luxurious Travel Pillow is a perfect gift for your Dad if he loves to nap while traveling on a plane or car ride. The inflatable pillow can be used in four different positions, providing maximum comfort on your trip. It only takes two breaths to inflate, making it portable and compact. The Travel Pillow also features a soft microfleece cover that is removable and machine washable. For the dads who are constantly on the road, the Manta Sleep Travel Pillow will easily become his favorite travel companion.

Travel Pillow
Manta Sleep | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Notes to Self

Great Dad Socks

All dads need a reminder now and again that they are a great dad and you know they are. ‘I am a great dad’® Black Crew Socks are the perfect reminder for this Father’s Day. These athletic socks have arch support and breathable mesh for comfort and the perfect Notes to Self for dad.

Grandpa Socks

For the Grandpa in your life these, ‘I love grandpa’® Royal Blue Low-cut Socks are one of the good gifts for Father’s Day to keep Grandpa’s feet warm. With arch support and breathable mesh, these high-quality socks will be his new favorite pair of socks. Put a smile on Grandpa’s face with one of those good gifts for Father’s Day that will surely light him up every time he looks down.

‘I am a great dad’® Black Crew Socks| ‘I love grandpa’® Royal Blue Low-cut Socks
Notes to Self | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

BOXED Gift Co.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-BOXED Gift Co.

Searching for a fantastic gift for Father’s Day this year? Why not create one with the help of BOXED Gift Co. The BOXED Gift Co. receives 90% of their available product from small businesses and their inventory has something for everyone.  If you are a bit of a procrastinator or simply do not have time to create a box, the BOXED Gift Co. has you covered with their pre-curated boxes. The BOXED Gift Co. makes the process easy with the ability to search categories. The categories available are housewarming, dudes, ladies, baby’s, and petite boxes. However, if you do indeed have the time, creating a box will be exciting and fun.

The Build A Box only costs $8 for the box, ribbon, and card, and then prices vary per item chosen for your specific taste. Each custom-created Build A Box contains between 3-6 items that the person you are gifting for will adore. Pack the Build A Box full of their favorites including yummy treats, cups, skincare, jewelry, candles, and so much more! Dad would totally dig the grey herringbone socks, cheddar cheese block, maple syrup (pancakes are up to you), stainless steel pocket knife (all dads need one), beef jerky, and brownie bites to celebrate themselves! Look to the BOXED Gift Co. for Father’s Day or any other gifting needs.

Build A Box
BOXED Gift Co. | Facebook | Instagram


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If you have a dad on your list who is always looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, these Athletic Ankle Socks are more than just the world’s most comfortable socks. Each pair of sustainably designed socks from Swaggr are made from at least 2 recycled plastic bottles. That means this is one of those good gifts for Father’s Day that is saving about 9 plastic bottles from the landfill! This is a gift that you will not only feel good about giving but also know dad is wearing some of the most comfortable socks he has ever worn, that stretch perfectly to his feet for all-day cozy feel.

Athletic Ankle Sock 3-Pack
Swaggr | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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If your Dad is all about the island lifestyle, loves walking barefoot on the beach, boating, camping, or swimming, NakeFit is the perfect gift for Father’s Day that your Dad will appreciate and use every day. Nakefit is an adhesive waterproof sole that conforms to your feet and stays on for hours. These super functional soles are designed to protect your feet from germs, grime, rough rocks, and hot surfaces.

With NakeFit’s easy-on and easy-off solution, it just takes a few seconds to apply the NakeFit sole and enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot or jumping in the water for a refreshing swim. These durable soles are great for men, women, and children. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, such as NakeFit Blue and NakeFit Black.


Your Dad can walk through the beach comfortably with NakeFit on a hot and sunny day without worrying about stepping on the hot scorching sand.

NakeFit Blue | NakeFit Black
NakeFit  | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



This Father’s Day, get your special man premium activewear and everyday essentials such as boxers, V-Neck Undershirts, and socks from Rhone all good gifts for Father’s Day. 

The high-quality V-Neck Undershirt is super soft and comes in white, black, and navy. The comfortable v-neck has tapered sleeves, no shirt tags, no irritating seams at the sides or under the arm, and the perfect blend of modal and Pima cotton. Rhone provides an elevated collection of basics that ticks all the boxes for today’s modern man. Their items are great for long hours at the office, international business trips, working out, or surfing the best waves around the world.

Give your guy the gift of comfort for Father’s Day with these well-fitted, high-quality v-neck undershirts. Any of these items from Rhone are good gifts for Father’s Day this year.

V-Neck Undershirt 
Rhone| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



Father’s Day is right around the corner, and everyone’s trying to find the best gift this year. It’s the one day a year to show Dad just how much you love and appreciate him.  BARONFIG is a group of thinkers that design eyecatching notebooks, desk organizers, Squire Click Ballpoint Pens, guardian cases, dateless planners, and much more!

The exquisite Squire Click Ballpoint Pen features a stainless steel tip with 1mm TC ball and cartridge-based refills. The sleek aluminum ballpoint pen is perfect for making lists, sketching, and jotting down ideas. It’s available in Charcoal and Fig Wine. When it comes to writing, the Squire exhibits effortless elegance. For every notebook sold, BARONFIG will also plant a tree! The Earth will thank you.


This Father’s Day, your Dad will write in style with the Squire Click Ballpoint Pen, which makes the perfect memorable gift for years to come!

Squire Click Ballpoint Pen
BARONFIG | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


71k8 Bqum L Ac Sl1500

Looking for something fun for Dad this Father’s Day? Then give him the gift of a Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone. This 7” full performance drone with Skyrocket’s Surface Scan Technology makes it easier to fly than ever before! Surface scan technology dramatically increases drone stability, allowing the drone to stay in one spot, even when you let go of the controls! Furthermore, this innovative new technology works up to 100 feet and radically improves the flight experience by providing superior control. Featuring auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, and extended flight time, we’re convinced Dad will have a blast with the Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone and the kids this summer.

Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone
Sky Viper | Facebook | Instagram


51hwjyzavql Ac Sl1466

Does the dad in your life suffer from every day aches and pains? Does he come home from the gym complaining of the kinks that tend to come with age? This Father’s Day give him the perfect self-care gift from Vertiball. Mountable, precise, and portable, this vertical massage ball will be dad’s new best friend. Easily attach to any surface with the mobile mounting system and then massage away; Vertiball can mount to any smooth sealed surface, including painted drywall, metals, plastics, and laminates. Then, dad can massage just where he needs it most to relieve myofascial pain, eliminate muscle knots, and reduce inflammation and must strain on trigger points. Dad will love the gift of relief this Father’s Day from Vertiball.

Vertiball | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Angel’s Envy

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For the Dad who enjoys sipping on whiskey or bourbon, the perfect glass is all he needs to enhance his sipping experience. Enjoying Angel’s Envy bourbon is a fantastic start, but it’s even better with the Henderson Glass. This sleek design was crafted for sipping and tasting. This glass is so comfortable to hold and can hold 10 ounces of his favorite drink. With Angel’s Envy, he will quickly become the envy of the room. This Father’s Day, gift the dad in your life the perfect vehicle for his top beverage choice.

Henderson Glass
Angel’s Envy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Whether it is a summer barbecue, a spring fiesta, an autumnal get-together, or a winter sleepover, a cold beverage refreshes everyone thoroughly, uplifts the general mood, and spreads laughter. Especially if you happen to serve it in a sleek Copper Pitcher that redefines elegance and utility. This pitcher leaves your guests super-impressed, which is secretly the goal of nearly every person or homemaker! The Copper Pitcher crafted by Shantiva is handmade by artisans using sustainably sourced copper.

Shantiva is the original maker and seller of the highest quality copper water pitchers. They were founded in 2016 to spread awareness of the importance of healthy hydration and introduce the beauty and benefits of copper water pitchers to the world. Shantiva donates 15% of its profits to various non-profit groups that work to supply clean drinking water to struggling communities in the developing world. 

The beautiful Copper Pitcher is made of pure hammered copper. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality. Copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain.

The pure copper lid is capped with a gorgeous brass knob. This pitcher also features a handle that has been welded to the pitcher’s body, which leaves it intact on the inside and ensures that the pitcher remains watertight and leak-free. The Copper Pitcher is elegant in construction, and its health benefits will make it ideal for serving your guests.

Copper Pitcher
Shantiva | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Franklin Sports


Enough of the matching socks and tie sets – update your go-to Father’s Day gift with something sporty that will keep Dad active all summer long. Whether he loves golfing, boxing, or basketball – or if he generally enjoys working up a sweat – good gifts for Father’s Day come from Franklin Sports will help him loosen up, de-stress, and have fun both outdoors and indoors. Franklin Sports is a global, family-owned sporting goods brand that makes everything from sports equipment to apparel to recreational games.


The awesome Floating XL Water Polo target is all your Dad will need for an enjoyable, fun day in the pool with the entire family. This floating target is 40″ x 30″ and comes with one 5″ inflatable water polo ball. It’s easy to assemble with no tools necessary. Simply unfold the goal, snap on the foam floats, and you are ready to go! It’s perfect for the pool, lake or beach. The Floating Water Polo is so versatile you can also use it on land by removing the floats. The Floating XL Water Polo is one of the best gifts you can give your Dad this Father’s Day. It will create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime!

Floating XL Water Polo
Franklin Sports| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Able Made 


 If you’re looking to go the extra mile for Dad this Father’s Day, then pick up a personalized Father’s Day gift for your Dad to show him you went above and beyond. Able Made is a sustainable fashion brand that creates fashionable and unique products for men and women. The Perfectly Personalized Socks Gift Box is made in the US with high-quality certified organic cotton. This beautiful art-inspired box is comprised of four pairs of socks of your choice from their entire sock library. It’s available in a variety of vibrant colors and stunning designs inspired by artists like Frida Khalo and Vasily Kandinsky.

Proceeds of each sale of these extremely comfortable socks support youth health and empowerment programs via Ucal Breakaway Foundation. These socks are good gifts for Father’s Day, he Perfectly Personalized Socks Gift Box is a one-of-a-kind gift, and it will show Dad how much you love him.

Perfectly Personalized Socks Gift Box
Able Made | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Home Grown

daily mom parent portal home grown

Is Dad raising some green-thumbed gardeners-to-be or do you just need something different and interesting to grab your child’s attention? Either way, it’s a great Dad and child moment when they discover and have a blast with the Deluxe Succulent & Cactus Grow Kit.

daily mom parent portal home grown

It’s an easy-to-grow cactus planting kit with four pots (with drainage), seeds, wooden plant markers, soil, and so much more! This is the kind of kit that works great for dads and kids where a successful outcome, is virtually guaranteed! With everything they need, they’ll be growing hardy, beautiful succulents in no time, other good gifts for Father’s Day to check out.

Deluxe Succulent & Cactus Grow Kit
Home Grown | Instagram


Maxus Sedona Orange No Show Tab Socks 0 Profile Znat0tz 5000x

Let your dad take off as fast as the Flash this Father’s Day with a pair (or two) of athletic performance socks from Swiftwick. If he lives to run, aspires to run a marathon, or even just needs new socks for chasing the kids, Swiftwick has the very best moisture-wicking, zero-tab socks to prevent blisters, sore toes, or chafing. The new MAXUS™ Zero Tab socks are designed to prevent contact with the back of dad’s shoe while he runs, works out, or golfs to ensure his feet remain comfortable and dry. With a plush footbed and compression fit, these socks provide the ultimate comfort no matter the type of shoes he is wearing. Lightweight and featuring increased breathability, dad will love the feel and fit of these athletic performance socks from Swiftwick making them a good gift for Father’s Day this year.

Maxus Zero Tab
Swiftwick | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Iron Flask

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For the dad who is always on the go or constantly tied down with work, this 32 Oz Water Bottle with Straw Lid keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind Iron Flask only makes high-quality water bottles designed to last a lifetime. Plus there are so many options and variations to choose from you are sure to find the perfect water bottle for you.

Or if you prefer a non-straw version, this 24 oz Water Bottle with Spout Lid is a perfect size and fits nicely in a cup holder. The bottle comes with 3 different lids-spout lid, flip lid, and stainless steel lid to match any level of activity you may be participating in. One of the good gifts for Father’s Day that will be good for his health too.

24 oz Water Bottle with Spout Lid | 32 Oz Water Bottle with Straw Lid
Iron Flask | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Harry Potter Shop


If your Dad is a Harry Potter Fan, then the Harry Potter Shop is the perfect place to shop for good gifts for Father’s Day. 

The Harry Potter Shop is the official online shop for all your wizarding needs providing a spellbinding shopping experience. Discover everything from fan-favorites and brand collaborations to exclusive designs and one-of-a-kind personalization in the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world. With over 1000 items, every fan will find something magical to add to their collection. Harry Potter Fan Club Gold subscribers will enjoy exclusive and early access to product launches, including the Potter Pin, Seeking collection. 

The First Edition Gryffindor Enamel Pin Set is the perfect set to jump-start your collection. The red and gold six-piece pin set includes the Gryffindor house crest, Fat lady portrait, Gryffindor house banner, Sword of Gryffindor, Gryffindor scarf, and an exclusive pin available only when you purchase this set – the Gryffindor lion! Each pin is finely detailed and is themed around the house colors making it one of the good gifts for Father’s Day. The red box is fitted with magnets to connect your box with other box sets as you grow your pin collection. This is a gift that your Dad will cherish for years to come.

First Edition Gryffindor Enamel Pin Set
Harry Potter Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. If your Dad loves to grill, get him high-quality tools and accessories from O-Yaki. Their Perfectly Portable Grill Set has all the barbecue accessories that Dad could want and need for cooking outside. The portable set includes tongs, carving fork, carving knife, skewers, spatula, and a basting brush in a convenient zippered storage case. Its portable and compact nature makes it easy to transport and perfect for camping and picnics.


For your dad this year get him one of the good gifts for Father’s Day, don’t settle for less; get him the O-Yaki Perfectly Portable Grill Set. It will quickly become his favorite BBQ accessory!

Perfectly Portable Grill Set
O-Yaki | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Poo Pourri

Finally, no more fear going into the bathroom after Dad. This Father’s Day, give Dad Poo Pourri. Poo Pourri is a before-you-go toilet spray designed to eliminate that unwanted after smell. An easy-to-use product that requires 3 simple steps: First, spritz the bowl to create a barrier, then do your business, and then smell the Poo Pourri after scent. Poo Pourri works so well that the whole family will be fighting over the bathroom even after someone has made a deposit in the porcelain bank.

Dad will love using the outdoor scents of S’mores and Fresh Cut Grass featured in the Camp Pop-A-Squat bundle when he needs to pop a squat. He can even keep one at the office so that he doesn’t get too embarrassed when nature calls. One of the best sellers of Poo Pourri is the Ship Happens. The Ship Happens toilet spray comes in a 4 oz bottle, good for 200 uses, and smells of coconut, freesia, and citrus. Ship Happens will be a family favorite for when they need to drop anchor without fear. Another great bundle idea for Dad is the Master Crapsman gift box. The Master Crapsman box has two 2 oz bottles of spray to eliminate the poo stench. 

It’s time to face the music. Occasionally, we have to go number 2 when not in the comfort of our home. Dad can take the On-The-Go-Set of Poo Pourri with him wherever he”goes”, which showcases a scent of original citrus, lavender vanilla, and tropical hibiscus. Dad can now walk out of the bathroom with his head held high after using Poo Pourri’s products. Another great product offered by Poo Pourri is the shoe spray that helps eliminate pesky foot odor. The Shoe Pourri scent is cedar, eucalyptus, and citrus. Poo Pourri is the perfect gift for Father’s Day because everybody poops and nobody wants to smell it.

Master Crapsman | Camp Pop-A-Squat | Shoe-Pourri | On-The-Go Set | Ship Happens
Poo-Pourri | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Nike Boxer Briefs

Daily Mom Parent Portal Fathers Day 2021 Nike Boxer Briefs 3

Who says you can’t give Dad new boxer briefs for Father’s Day? Nike recently expanded their collection to include bolder patterns for dads looking to add some finesse to their wardrobe. There’s also a wide array of more traditional colors for dads who feel more confident playing it safe. The collection has great stretch and support, breathes like a dream, and is an essential for every man this summer.

The line comes in a variety of fresh colors and prints, and ranges in price from $25 – $40 which makes these boxers good gifts for Father’s Day. Whether he’s relaxing at home, on the go, or training, Nike’s innovative DRI-FIT technology is designed to keep him cool, calm, and collected wherever the day takes him. We particularly like the Flex Micro and Essential Micro boxer briefs, but there are so many options that you’ll surely find something Dad will love.

Flex Micro | Essential Micro
Nike | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube



Buying a Father’s Day gift for a tech-savvy Dad can be tricky if you don’t keep up with all the latest gadgets and gizmo releases. Casio is a commercial electronics manufacturing company that designs innovative products such as calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analog and digital watches. They offer endless possibilities for tech-savvy Dads. 

The interactive Casio Touchscreen with Stylus Graphing Calculator features high definition 3D graphing on a large 4.8-inch high-resolution color display (over 65,000 colors) with natural math illustration that shows fractions, square roots, radicals, algebra, and other numerical expressions. The drag, drop, and tap functionality enables users to quickly and intuitively pull information from one representation to another. The USB-to-computer connectivity makes it easier to transfer and analyze essential data. This is a gift your Dad will appreciate and will use at the home or office. 

If your Dad is the type known to tinker with cool gadgets, the most up-to-date electronics, and anything with a colorful screen, then Casio products are good gifts for Father’s Day this year!

Casio Touchscreen with Stylus Graphing Calculator
Casio  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

High Road


Many people agree that Dad is the hardest person to buy gifts for. It can be difficult to find something he will love without some serious brainstorming. The best gift for a Dad who loves keeping things neat and tidy in his car is organizers from High Road. They are pioneers in car organization and offer the broadest assortment of car clean-up products, including the Leather-Look Glove Box Organizer, MultiPockets Trunk and Cargo Organizer, Trash Containers, Phone Holders, and much more. High Road products cover every area of the car interior. The Leather-Look Glove Box Organizer is a zippered sleeve that provides organized storage for car manuals and documents. The faux leather case features six storage compartments, including a gusseted manual pocket with an elastic band to keep documents from falling out, two slip pockets for receipts, a full zip pocket, a clear-view card pocket, and a corner pocket for a pen or tire gauge.

The MultiPockets Trunk and Cargo Organizer is great for tools, groceries, and sports equipment. The expandable trunk organizer has three interior compartments, three zippered outside products, four easy mesh products, and a large covered compartment that provides ample storage to de-clutter the trunk. The versatile trunk organizer also contains a leakproof insulated center compartment that zips close to keep bottles, cans, and frozen items cool. 

The Leather-Look Glove Box Organizer and Cargo Organizer are the perfect gifts to give your dad on Father’s Day to keep him organized and happy.

Leather-Look Glove Box Organizer| MultiPockets Trunk and Cargo Organizer
High Road| Facebook | Pinterest

Well Told


No doubt, you’ll have a lot to toast to this summer. Friends, family, barbecues, and sunshine, to name a few. Well Told has the drinkware you need to connect to your favorite places at every sip! Relive your younger, freer days with the College Town Maps Pocket Flask. This metal vessel looks sleek, has a map of your favorite college town etched on it, and keeps your beverage of choice contained and portable at cookouts and campgrounds. (It’s available in other styles, such as state maps, too.)

The Hawaiian Islands Rocks Glass is a must-have as well. A smooth glass is etched with a map of the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you’ve traveled to one, all, or none, everyone could use a little extra Aloha in their lives! Pour a tropical cocktail in this beautiful Well Told glass and enjoy as you reminisce about that island getaway or you make plans to return. Like the flask, this is also available in a variety of other non-island cities and towns, so you can find the glass that’s just right for your recipient (or yourself)!

College Town Maps Pocket Flask | Hawaiian Islands Rocks Glass
Well Told | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Expertkit Img

CBD Expert Bundle are good gifts for Father’s Day for dads that struggle with sleep, need help relaxing, or are experiencing any pain. cbdMD creates high-quality CBD products that are THC-free, gluten-free, and GMP certified. Bundles are the best route if you are having trouble deciding which products to choose from because they include samples of several different products that are meant to target different areas of concern.

The Expert Bundle includes a 1500 mg Freeze roll-on, a 500 mg PM tincture, 1500 mg CBD oil capsules, and 750 mg premium gummies. These various CBD concentrations are lab-tested and provide the right amount of dosage that you need for specific activities. By helping to support a sense of calm, manage signs of daily stress, enhance exercise quality, and complement a healthy wellness routine, you are giving him a more balanced lifestyle overall.

Expert Bundle
cbdMD | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Nutrafol 4

Have you noticed dad worrying about his hairline? Is he finding more than a little extra hair in his brush or clogging the drain? Nutrafol knows what he’s going through and is here to help.

Dad might be looking at his own father’s hair this Father’s Day and thinking he is looking at his own fate. While a range of issues (like genetics) can contribute to hair loss, dad needs to know he’s not alone in this and there’s something he can do to stop – and even reverse – what he is seeing. Check out the Hairline Defender Growth Duo for Men.

The original men’s formula of natural medical-grade ingredients is proven to improve hair growth by targeting a range of cause factors, such as stress and bad eating habits. While there may be other hair growth pills on the market, these won’t have any of the side effects that would have dad willing to trade his hair to reverse.

Advances in research as to why men lose their hair have identified DHT (simply put, a hormone that contributes to “male characteristics” such as hair growth, can also make you lose hair). Knowing this, Nutrafol has also created a DHT inhibitor. Using synergistic botanicals, this product can slow or stop the effects of DHT and be a big contribution to halting hair loss.


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