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Confession of a new dad: two dads tell everything



As moms, we know how moms feel Become a new mother. After all, we have been there and did it! But what about the new father? What is their experience? Is it similar to ours or completely different? Fortunately, we found two fathers who were willing to let us know more about their experience.

Micah is the father of a little boy, he almost Six months oldBrandon is the father of a little girl who is just four months old. They are very willing and excited to participate. To be honest, it’s so fun! There was a lot of laughter (some curse words were edited!), but these guys agreed that they wished they had such a thing before they became fathers!

Thanks Micah and Brandon, thanks for your help!

Confession of a new dad

Before the birth of your child, which part of you are most excited to be a father?


This may sound strange, but I was hard to get excited before he came.As soon as we got the first one, my wife was overjoyed with excitement Positive pregnancy test. But I really don’t think it hit me until I hold him. Man, did I cry when I held him for the first time! I’m a cliché and I’m very happy to play baseball with him or coach his first football team. When he was born, the excitement and joy I felt was crazy.


It took me a while to get excited.I have a little Sex disappointment When my wife told me we have a girl. Like Micah, I am very happy to play football or watch football with my son, but I have to readjust my appearance with my daughter. I read a lot of books about having a daughter or being a dad, and it was then that the excitement began.

My father-in-law has three daughters (and one son). When he found out that we had a girl, he was very excited. His first comment to me was, “You can do anything to a girl you can do to a boy, but a boy looks silly in an Easter dress.” I am about the sport and I can still guide her The way I feel most excited. But now that she is here, I am excited about father and daughter dancing and harassing her future boyfriend.

What are you most afraid of?


I am most afraid of not knowing what to do at all. I mean, I’m in charge of another person now.To my complete surprise, they didn’t have any tests or qualifications to let us Leave the hospital. They just handed this person to us, hoping that we can all succeed. I am also nervous from lack of sleep. My wife and I need enough sleep to function, so I am worried about how we will manage it. But we let it work.


I support everything Micah said. I didn’t spend much time on newborns. So I’m really nervous and want to know how to take care of this little girl who doesn’t know how to tell me exactly what she needs. I also feel scared or nervous about finances.I am a huge financial man and like Keep the budget And know exactly where our money goes every month. But when she came, it was impossible.My wife is Become a full-time mom, So we have figured out the entire budget and where our money will go. Are we so far away! There are some expenses that you didn’t even expect to happen.

Will you put other things in your hospital bag?


I will not lie.My wife packed mine Medical kitShe mentioned to me many times that she wanted to do this, and then I never did. So she finally did it, man, we are ready! We have almost everything. We ended up in the hospital for only two days, so I even thought I didn’t have a bath. But I have enough things to stay for a week. If I have to pack something that I don’t have, it’s my own pillow. I have a good setting, I can sleep, not I sleep too much. But my own beautiful pillow will change the rules of the game. I could have slept better.


First of all, I am jealous of Micah’s wife for helping him pack his bags. I’m sure that if I didn’t pack my own, my wife would let me go to the hospital with nothing! I said this before I went to the hospital, and I still think so: I will take my Xbox. There are two TVs in our room. If I have my Xbox, I can watch some high-quality movies, or let my wife watch better movies. Honestly, there is a lot of waiting time, so I can adapt to some video game time (sidenote: he said he was joking, but if he is, it’s still up in the air!).

What surprised you the most about being a dad?


To be honest, how terrified I was about what happened to my wife. Without my wife, I would not be able to survive, and now I am more aware of this and think about it more often. My wife said I was crazy, but honestly, I couldn’t live without her. She is always one step ahead. Just like a baby started crying, before I realized he was crying, she had taken out the bottle to feed him. It surprised me.


All the emotions I have felt since she arrived. I mean, I feel a great love I have never experienced before, and this love still exists. But for a few days I was frustrated by the great changes that have taken place in our lives. I like this baby girl very much, but still feel sad for our previous life, it’s as simple as having a quick dinner on a Friday night. Unexpectedly, there will be these emotions. My wife assured me that they are completely normal.But it still makes me feel sad about this feeling because we have a Healthy beautiful baby girl.

What advice would you give to other new fathers?


You will learn new love. I love my wife and my parents, but when he was born, my heart really grew. During childbirth, I was afraid to see or know something. But to be honest, once we get to know it, I don’t care.


After birth, you may feel that you know nothing.My wife has a lot of newborn experience, so I Feel like a complete idiot. But to be honest, the baby doesn’t know what’s going on. You will learn and create a routine. The “rough parts” will end before you know it, and you will wonder how they are four months old.


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