Adventures of Baby toys

When a baby born in a family it brings much joy to the family and a new to add to the family. Having kids around in the house gives a new experience of love and affection by giving, Of course, baby toys.

And for that family members especially parents take many steps for their kid. They make pre and post plans for the baby and bring new things to the house for them.

The whole world the best friend for an innocent toddler or baby is toys. Many parents bring toys for the boy so baby will play joyfully and will not cry or get sad by getting bored.

There is always something for the baby which is the best part of human life and at this early stage, they can play with anything which excites them.

But you surely don’t want them to play with dust or germs that’s why you bring toys for them.

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We have listed the top 7 Baby Toys for your kids

Now let’s move to the journey of baby toys will swing your baby moods towards happiness.

Pull and singing puppy baby toys by VTech

singing puppy baby toys

Sub Title

  • When a toddler starts growing they start exploring more things by movement. When a baby sees something attractive he mostly stares at it and tries to reach it.
  • And want to grab it, and the whole world knows the best pet or friend for a baby is a puppy/dog. VTech introduced a great product which is for sure will make our baby explore things with this little artificial friend.
  • It has 3 Buttons with sound, voice and different music. Just pull the cord and puppy will start functioning. (For 6 months to 3-year baby)


  • 60+ Songs, melodies and phrases.
  • Easy to use.
  • Puppy will sound to promote language development.
  • Different colours will attract


  • Pulling Cord can be short
  • Not useable for less than 6 months of kid.

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378 piece building baby toys set of Friends Emma’s Art Cafe 41336 by LEGO

378 piece building baby toys

  • Building sets are always having the highest priority of baby toys.
  • Every baby or kid demands building set so they can perform real life stuff in the little world. Lego presenting 378 pieces of building set for kids between 6 and 12 years.
  • It is a café edition which you can view from a 360-degree as well.


  • Safe to play
  • Self-development
  • Compatible with all LEGO constructions.
  • Clothes swap
  • Cake creativity


  • Time-Consuming to build
  • Care with placement cause they may get loose easily
  • Not good for kids below 6 years because they may lose something or blocks.

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Preschool colourful wooden puzzle baby toys by Gybber&Mumu

Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

  • When kids are growing you want them to understand things quickly so they can perform better and get motivated to find their life goals.
  • The best way to make them learn at a very young age is by toys or playing stuff which will give them a quiz and will help them in learning as well.


  • 7 Different wooden puzzle choice to buy
  • Bigger size
  • Anyone can play
  • Safest product with wooden safety


  • Slots not painted
  • Blocks of the star, triangle etc sometimes sharp.
  • Boards are thin if you compare them with blocks

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12 Pieces Sturdy Wooden Construction- easy to grip shapes by Melissa & Doug

Sturdy Wooden Construction baby toys

  • This bright colour toy will bring happiness on the face of a toddler. It is a good toy for kids age between 2 to 4 years.
  • This childhood play game is still amazing for kids to play. Melissa & Dough giving these beautiful play toys for kids.


  • 1 Box many functions
  • Easy to Grip
  • No edges issue.
  • Bigger blocks size.


  • Shapes sometimes can be tricky i.e. not easy shapes.
  • Block holder from inside can be rough.
  • Sometimes paint may come off so try to take care of kids if they try to take it in the mouth.

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Mosaic Pegboard Color matching set for boys& girls by Soyee Button Art

Pegboard Color matching baby tools

  • This button art is specially designed for little hands to improve hand-eye coordination of kids who are of age 3 years+.
  • It includes many charts which will attract kids to play and place on the blocks of the picture. With round button shape they are the safest inclusion in a toy.


  • Smooth Edges
  • No risk of swallow or cut
  • No more mess-stress.
  • 46 colours with 10 pictures.
  • Less costly


  • Keep the pictures safe because they are easily breakable.
  • Since buttons are a lot they can be lost easily.

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Wooden Musical Xylophone baby toys with multifunction and bright colours 

Wooden Xylophone baby toys 

  • This award-winning musical toy best for kids who want to play with sound which will produce on their demand.
  • When they tap with a little hammer this toy will produce sound and in 2018 Hape won the price by bringing joy on many kids.


  • Available in 2 colors Yellow and Red
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, arm movement, and
  • Durable
  • Safe for children
  • Multifunctional like pulling out the keyboard to play solo.


  • Not teachable music
  • Xylophone out of tune
  • Hard balls, sometimes hammer can get damaged or can come out.

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Colourful Storage baby toys Centre 

Colorful Storage baby toys Centre

  • When kids start going schools they start learning new things in crafts especially. And kids are known for the mess.
  • When you put this colourful storage centre of learning resources on the table to put things at the right place will give good habit to the kids too.


  • Best to avoid the mess
  • Teaching the discipline
  • Good Habit teacher
  • Multifunctional i.e. elders can use it too for their kitchen, office work etc.


  • Lightweight and can fall off easily.
  • Bigger items don’t work for it
  • Bigger for kids table when they try to reach others can fall off.

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