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When a newborn arrives in your home, you need to include things in the baby’s daily routine to help you care for your baby as best possible. As a new parent, you should think about a Checklist for Newborns to be prepared for this occasion properly.

One of the most important things to get right as a new parent is to make sure you have everything you need for your little one right from the start. You will be better prepared if you plan everything ahead with such lists as below.

There are so many items to remember to pack and purchase when a newborn is on the way, that no person could or should do it on their own because they are bound to fail, that is why we created a helpful checklist below for you to conquer this obstacle with ease.

Nursery Checklist for Newborns


The crib for baby nursery is one of the must-have items in your child’s first year of life. Your baby will sleep for at least 16 hours every day. It is a haven for him/her, a place to rest and play. Your baby will need this crib for a long time, and it will come in handy for many years to come. There are different baby cribs, including a bassinet, cradle, playpen, or a full-size bed, be sure to check all your options before buying one.

Baby Bedding:

Babys’ bedding must need a waterproof mattress cover and multiple fitted sheets that exactly fit the crib mattress. However, wrapping the baby in a comfy, warm, and safe environment is an essential duty for you.

Diaper changing table:

A diaper changing table can help you to avoid dirty diaper changing-related accidents. It’s one of the messy and stressful experiences. It can be a 15-minute or more event, for starters, tiring for a weary mom. However, with a diaper changing table, this task can be a breeze!

Baby monitor:

When you’re not at home, baby monitors are a terrific way to keep an eye on your toddler. They are trendy baby gear nowadays, and their usage is pretty widespread.

Baby Toy basket:

A toy basket is probably one of the most well-known baby accessories. However, if you already have shelves to keep the toys, this is an optional item. 

White noise machine:

The baby White noise machine is a small device that produces white or soft noise to aid the development of infants. This machine has a smooth sound with just enough volume and frequency to create a soothing effect and promote sleep.

Baby Clothes storage:

The baby Clothes storage blog is a great way to store your baby clothes not to get dirty or misplaced. When you have a baby, you instantly start buying new baby clothes and accessories.  Fortunately, Clothes storage is pretty easy to save space and keep things organized. 

Feeding Checklist for Newborns


Burp cloths:

Burp cloths are a must-have for any parent, because they protect your baby’s clothes and keep the smells of everything else off of your baby’s clothes. One of the best things about them is that they are cheap enough to give away.

Nursing cover:

A nursing cover is an essential accessory to cover your breastfeeding babies and make the whole process of feeding the baby easier. When they are on the go, it is ideal that they can feed their little ones without any hassle. Plus, it would help them to feed their child in places where it may not be easy.

Nursing glider:

Statistically a new mom will spend around 35+ hours a week breastfeeding. Therefore, it is crucial to have a comfortable and supportive nursery glider.

Bottles and nipples:

Some babies need bottle feeding no matter what you plan to breastfeed or formula feeding. The bottles are made of glass and plastic. Before selecting any bottles, you should consider the nipple size and shape, also decide if you want to invest in sterilizing and warming the bottles or not.

Breast pump:

A breast pump is a device for the production of milk in mothers breastfeeding. There are many kinds of breast pumps available. Such as electric, and battery-powered manual pumps. Several models simultaneously pump both breasts. You may also need a milk storage bag when you pump milk.

Nipple cream breast:

Nipple cream is a product that can be applied to nipples to treat localized soreness or irritation. You may need this cream if you plan to breastfeed your toddler. 

Breast pads:

Breast pads are used to help prevent leaking during nursing, day or night, and the size, color, and texture of breast pads can have a huge impact on comfort.


The bib is a piece of clothing that helps keep your baby’s clothes safe from getting milk and other foods. 


This is an alternative to breastfeeding for baby healthcare. You can give the recipe to your baby together with breast milk.

Baby feeding pillow: 

A baby-feeding pillow is a small nursing pillow or cushion that flattens out as a baby eats to keep them from sucking their arms in. 

Bottle warmer:

The Bottle Warmer is a unique baby feeding accessory that can heat a baby’s bottle of breast milk or formula.

Bottle sterilizer:

Bottle sterilizers are something every parent needs to have in their home, especially if your baby is bottle-fed. A bottle sterilizer is a compact and affordable solution that can sterilize bottles, bottles, and formulas in a snap.


A bottle brush is a necessary thing that cleans a baby feeding bottle. You can clean your baby’s bottle from the night before giving the formula to the baby.

Bottle-drying rack:

A bottle drying rack is an optional item, but it can help you dry baby bottles. Plus, it allows you to remove the bottles without the risk of rotating the top of the bottles.

Baby food processors:

A food processor is a machine that takes different foods and cuts them into small pieces. It cooks the food in a way that preserves most of the nutritional elements; for example, it does not require any oils. It can also mix the foods, but not as effective as a blender would. Most of the food processors use steam for cooking the food as well.

Diapering Checklist for Newborns

Changing table: 

Changing table is an essential item of furniture in a nursery, as you will need one to change the newborn diaper and wash baby clothes. These tables have to be sturdy enough to hold the heavy objects that you will use them for and foldable to be easy to store. The changing table will need to have a few extra features to meet the needs of many of these kids.

Changing pad:

Changing pad covers various uses from simply protecting floors from the mess of your child. It will make the infant more comfortable and keep the table clean.


If you have a newborn baby, you will need lots of diapers. You might need 70-80 diapers per week. Diapers continue to be the best way to keep your baby dry and clean. Before buying, however, you should consider the size that meets the baby’s needs.

Diaper rash cream:

Diaper rash cream is a topical treatment applied to babies’ sensitive skin to treat diaper rash. It occurs in babies of all ages, but it is most common in newborns. You can ask the baby’s healthcare for suggestions on which cream is best for your toddler.

Diaper pail:

A diaper pail is a dirty diaper storing device, which is usually made from plastic and metal. Parents use it to store dirty nappies or disposable diapers in a dry and safe place. In addition, it’s helpful to prevent leakage of smells. You can place your diaper pail next to the changing table. 

Cloth diapers:

Cloth diapers are reusable diapers that are made of cloth. It’s a cloth diaper with a waterproof outer layer, and the inner lining is covered with fabric. It’s designed not to absorb anything, so it’s excellent for long-term use.

Bottle of diapers:

Bottles of diapers are a valuable item carried along with infants in a diaper bag. They are used to clean the baby’s bottom after a bowel movement and are then thrown away.

Clothing Checklist for Newborns


Swaddle blanket:  

Among a a lifetime supply of baby clothes, for the first few weeks, your newborn baby needs Swaddle blankets. The best way to assist your child sleep is via swaddling. In fact, swaddle blankets help babies sleep longer through the night, reduce stress hormones, and develop more body awareness.  

Sleeping sacks:

It gives a more comfortable and smooth feeling when the baby goes to sleep.


Onesies are an essential part of the baby wearing experience. You’ll want to get the right kind of onesies for your baby before they get used to wearing them. Too tight or too loose onesies will cause your baby discomfort. So make sure the size before purchase will fit your baby.

Rain cover: 

A newborn rain cover is a special cover that a mother can use to prevent her baby from getting wet when she’s carrying her outside in the rain. A newborn rain cover is generally made of a breathable material that lets the baby breathe.

Sweater or jacket:

A sweater or jacket will keep your baby warm as he needs to be. Purchase extra sweaters and snowsuits for the winter babies. 

Socks or booties:

Newborns are unable to wear shoes. However, they need lots of socks and some booties too.

Special outfit: 

It’s optional. If you want to go outside with your newborns on special occasions or holidays, you might choose a beautiful outfit for them. 

Bunting bag or snowsuit:

It’s another essential cold-weather dress.

Hat with a brim:

You might use it to prevent direct sunlight from your child.

Bath Time Checklist for Newborns

Baby bath or bathtub: 

A newborn’s bathtub is a unique tub designed to fit a newborn baby. It allows the mother to take care of their newborn and helps to minimize the risk of falling. A baby that is less than 5 pounds should be in a baby bathtub. There are different types of Newborns bathtubs, such as wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Don’t forget to keep a bath thermometer in your home.

Shampoo and Soap for baby bath:

You should use baby shampoo for your little one. Before use, ensure that the shampoo is made for newborns. 

Baby Lotion:

Baby lotions for newborns are needed! Newborn skin can be dehydrated and sensitive. When looking for the best fit for your baby/newborn’s skin, there are some things to consider. You want something suitable for their skin type, safe ingredients, affordable but not cheap (you don’t want it to irritate), easy to find, able to moisturize well and no harsh chemicals.


Babies are soft. To dry them, you must use soft towels. Make sure the towel is easier to dry.

Soft washcloths: 

Soft, caring washcloths are an excellent addition to baby baths and help many toddlers. It promotes healthy skin, soft, smooth and healthy hair, and eases tender baby bottoms. 

On-the-Go Checklist for Newborns


Car seat:

Keeping your toddler safe and secure in the car seat is one of the most important things. You can do anything to keep your baby safe and healthy. Before purchasing a car seat, you have to make sure that the seat is fitted in your car. Plus, you have to consider the size and weight of the newborn.

Baby carrier:

Baby carriers can be used to carry your baby, as they are designed to support your baby while you carry them. There are pocket carriers that allow you to carry the toddler and bring them to the breast while still being able to eat and drink, and there are slings that can be used to carry the baby for short distances, but most of them remain either seated or reclined.


When you are expecting a baby, one of the most important things is to get the perfect stroller. Choosing the right stroller can be a bit of a daunting task because there are many different types, styles, and price ranges to choose from.  

Diaper bag:

Diaper bags are a way of passage for new parents. They are a great way to organize all your toddlers’ necessities in one place. Diaper bags are not just for traveling and shopping. They are also used for carrying everything you need for your baby in those early months.

Portable crib:

A portable crib is a bed type and is used as a sleeping bed for a newborn baby. It is used in the home or the outdoors. Portable cribs are becoming more and more popular among first-time parents.  

Disposable diaper pail:

A diaper pail is a container that will hold all of your baby’s used disposable diapers.

Portable changing pad:

Portable changing pad is a product that can help you to change a baby without taking hassle. You can take it with you when you go on a picnic or go out with your toddler.

Health and Safety Checklist for Newborns

A baby is a beautiful and precious gift, and you want every aspect of their early life to be as safe and happy as possible. 

First-aid kit: 

Your baby’s safety is always the number one priority, and the First-aid kit is one of the most essential basic items in a newborn’s home. You must have a good First-aid kit that can help you with any emergency that might arise. You should consider some basic first-aid kit at home like a baby thermometer, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, tweezers. You can also keep a second first-aid kit box in your car. You can use the diaper bag to keep it.  

Baby humidifier:

A humidifier is a unit that adds moisture to the air inside your home. It works by spraying water into the air, which then evaporates and forms a cooling mist that’s perfect for combating dry skin and other harmful stuff. Babies are very sensitive to changes in air quality, and it can severely impact their health. If you want your baby to grow up healthy and strong, you need to take care of them from day one by providing them with clean air.

Nail clippers: 

It is essential to trim your little one’s nails from time to time. It will help prevent her from scratching himself.

Cradle cap brush:

Cradle cap is one of those things that many parents are unfamiliar with. This can help remove some of the flakes on the outside of the baby’s head. 


Gathering the right baby essentials can be a daunting task. However, you can start with this newborn baby checklist of necessities for your newborn. This is a complete list of baby items that every new parent needs. It covers everything from clothing to feeding supplies. And it will help make sure you don’t forget anything important on your way home with your newborn!


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