Baby Bath Tub and Products Buying Guide

We are getting introduced to new innovation of bathing like new taps, soaps, shower etc. but now things are changing for babies also (Baby Bath Tub).

When you take the baby for a bath he mostly cries and to distract his various techniques and methods are introduced so that the bath can be done easily.

When babies are distracted the whole world’s mother get relieved for their other work because they don’t want things to get delayed.

There are various tubs and innovations are done daily for baby’s happy bath and to bring joy while they are bathing.

Top 7 best Baby Bathing Tubs & Seats

Here we have brought the best baby bath tub for you.

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Fisher Sling Baby Bath Tub

This baby bath tub includes four stages feature which will help in baby bathing. These stages are like a guide for you too.

The 1st stage belongs to soft mesh sling then baby stopper which will stop the baby from sliding then unsteady sitter’s support after that roomy baby tub (main base). (Baby Bath Tub)

It includes squeeze bottle and whale scoop as well for play or gentle rinsing.

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Pros and cons of Fisher Sling Baby Bath Tub


  • Perfect fit
  • Rinsing bottle helps in rinsing hair
  • Enough space of tub
  • Not so heavy
  • Hook to dry the tub


  • To drain you have to remove the green seat first.
  • No cushioning
  • Not adjustable Newborn sling

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Comfort Deluxe Newborn baby Bath Tub

This product by The First Years is amazing for infants who are quite young and can be fit easily as well.

Padded headrest for an infant is an amazing feature of it.

Having washable sling means no harm to the body of the baby. (Baby Bath Tub)

Pros and cons of Comfort Deluxe Newborn Infant bathtub


  • East to fit
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Nonslip pads
  • Washable sling in machines


  • Not adjustable sling
  • Can’t fill with enough water
  • Not much good plastic so avoid overheat water

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Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck baby bath Tub

Now, this is some attractive Baby Bath Tub, not just baby even the parents get eye-catching responses for this product.

This attractive Muchkin/duck/tweety based bathtub liked by many parents and they refer it to other parents as well.

This tub has safety disc for too hot water, textured bottom, bigger size etc.

Pros and cons of Duck Baby BathTub


  • Big Sizes
  • Good for travelling
  • Easily Fold
  • Padded tub
  • Bigger in size will keep in range of parents


  • Duck Headspace is waste takes too much air
  • With cheap rate, quality can be compromised
  • Blowing air can be time-consuming

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Angelcare Baby Bathtub

This grey coloured baby bathtub is specially designed for 0 to 6 months baby. It has the feature of quick rinse of water, shape maintenance, made with thermoplastic and polypropylene.

You can adjust it in your sink as well but the little big size of the sink will work well for this product.

Pros and cons of Angelcare Infant Bathtub


  • Easy to use on a daily basis
  • Shape maintenance for a long time
  • A quick rinse of soapy water
  • Built-in hook for convenient storage. (Baby Bath Tub)


  • For some babies it is small
  • Cheap price so the material can be compromised.
  • Baby slides on the sling a lot.

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Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bathtub

This baby bathtub has 8 styles and 2 sizes which is an eye-catching point.

Parents will have more choice for their infants and will look good as well.

Having soft head support increases baby safety as well. Easily machine washable fabrics used which is good for hygiene as well.

Pros and cons of Infant Deluxe Baby Bathtub


  • Machine washable
  • Big size
  • 2 Position Recline
  • Can be used in both sink or baby bathtub


  • Tightness keep pushing the baby up
  • No rubber or anything for support on the bottom
  • Can’t fold easily

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Boon Soak 3-stage baby Bathtub

Three stages of the baby bathtub will increase the safety of the baby.

The product by boon is great for newborn, infant and toddler with an adjustable bump for positioning is greats feature.

Having nonslip foam will hold the baby and colour changing drain plug will tell ideal bath temperature.

Pros and cons of 3-stage baby Bathtub


  • Adjustable
  • Can fit in double sinks
  • Drain plug to Gauge for ideal bath temperature
  • 2 Colours


  • Can be big for newborn
  • Not adjustable bottom
  • Slippery

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Inflatable baby Bathtub

European standard used to make this baby bathtub by Intime. It is a slip-resistant design from the bottom inside and outside.

Having 45 Degree backrest design can support the baby’s back.

Easy to store and carry is one of Baby bath tub great features.

Pros and cons of Inflatable Bathtub


  • Slip Resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with air pump
  • Easy to store


  • Cleaning can tricky
  • Expensive
  • Cheap air pump

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