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Baby strollers- Best Strollers of 2019

Do You Need a Stroller?

Baby strollers were first developed in 1733 by William Kent, since then various new innovations are done for the baby’s comfort and for the parents too.

Baby strollers are now mostly used by every family. And with the generation changes the new type of strollers are introduced.

Which really got good reviews from the family and baby liked the innovation as well. A baby stroller is a little transport which parents use to do multi work.

Parents no need to get bothered because the baby stroller is there. Even baby enjoys having this innovation. It also works as a moving cradle which is a great feature of this.

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Top Baby Strollers of 2019

Nowadays, Strollers come in many varieties with many different features, giving you lots of options to choose from.

So let’s have a look with us in many varieties of strollers 

Click Connect Baby strollers travel System by GRACO

It is for 4-35 pounds of infants and up to 32”. It is having the of folding which will not cover the space during not in use as well.

With good tires, you can do jogging as well.

Connect Baby strollers

Pros and cons of Connect Baby strollers


  • One second one hand gold
  • Smooth riding
  • Accessories stand like mobile stand
  • Big size
  • Cheap prize


  • Heavy
  • Too big for small cars
  • Car Seat issues.

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3Dlite baby Stroller by SUMMER INFANT 

This baby stroller has the 3d look with matt finishes as well and 5 safety harness. It can handle 50 pounds of children. With anti-shock proof wheels, it will not baby wake up early if he is sleeping.

 3Dlite baby Stroller

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Pros and cons of 3Dlite baby Stroller


  • 4 Position Recline
  • Lockable wheels
  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Extra large storage basket.


  • 10 Pounds maximum allowed to store in a basket
  • Putting more can harm forever.
  • No warranty

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Expedition baby Stroller by BABY TREND

This bicycle tires included stroller is very attractive. Having 2 cup holders will help joggers as well.

Having 3 wheels makes it look like tricycle as well.

Expedition baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Expedition baby Stroller


  • Rubber Handle
  • Adjustable Canopy
  • Effortless folding trigger
  • Easy flowing tires.
  • 5 Colours


  • Due to cycle wheels, heavyweight can break them
  • Easy-moving wheels have break issue

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Xcel Jogger baby Stroller by Baby Trend

This stroller is with large bicycle tires having big alloys too which makes a good combo.

Easy to repair. Having extra basket the same black colour gives it good colour combos.

Xcel Jogger baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Xcel Jogger baby Stroller


  • Infant Car seat Models
  • Reclining Padded Seat
  • All baby trend infant car seat models
  • Easy to fold.


  • Unbalance
  • Hard to Find the pump
  • No parent tray

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NICKELODEON Presents Delta Children Stroller, Nick Jr. Dora

The purpose of this stroller is to give the experience of cartoon stuff to the babies which they love.

That is why it does not have many features except normal stroller.

Delta baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Delta baby Stroller


  • 30lbs weight hold
  • 3 Safety Harness
  • Light Weight
  • 4 wheels


  • No storage facility
  • Not much heavy support on materials
  • Not good for bad weather or roads.

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Light Car Seat baby Strollers by INGLESINA

This stroller specially made for cart seat adaptability. And having black colour on it itself gives a really cool look.

Having 4 wheels makes more balanced.

Car Seat baby Strollers

Pros and cons of Car Seat baby Strollers


  • Great brakes
  • Heavy storage capacity bag


  • Not much harness
  • No umbrella
  • No accessories holding the stand

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Snap N Go Ex Universal Stroller by BABY TREND

Combination of various materials this stroller is like a gadget and colouring makes it more attractive.

It accepts the car seat as well for a baby. Having metal and plastic makes it a good combo of versatility.

Ex Universal baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Ex Universal baby Stroller


  • 2 cup holders
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Large wheels


  • Straps do not trustworthy
  • Expensive
  • Front wheels not hard enough.

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Monster Look Umbrella baby Stroller by COSCO

This monster looks umbrella stroller with linen by Cosco makes it look cool for baby and even baby will like the look as well.

It is easily storable in the car.

Umbrella Baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Umbrella Baby Stroller


  • Light-weight easy to carry
  • Three Safety Harness
  • Double Footbrake


  • No storage facility
  • No accessories holding feature.

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3-8 Year old Children baby Stroller by YBL

Now, this is a strong baby stroller especially for 3 to 8 years age of children who will learn how to do cycling.

Adjustable from seats to paddle is one of its coolest features.

Made by aluminium makes it heavy load bearing like 30kg.

Children baby Stroller

Pros and cons of Children baby Stroller


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Hummer wheel
  • Stability
  • Easily Fold


  • No storage facility
  • Accessories holding facility missing
  • No Umbrella

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Character Umbrella Baby Stroller by COSCO

After great work in sports Cosco now brings some good stuff for babies. Having the desired character (Buster) stroller is the best feature of this stroller. Kids will love this stroller.

Baby strollers by Cosco

Pros and cons of Baby strollers by Cosco


  • Kids will like the monstrous look
  • Extra height handles
  • Footrest for child
  • 40lbs capacity


  • Less Harness if we compare to others
  • No extra storage and holding facility.

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Costume Based Stroller For Babies by Stroller costumes

As we know kids get attracted as per their choice it can be a vehicle, animal, etc. But having a print on their stroller makes it more excited and interesting concept.

This innovation is great and kids enjoy sitting on this stroller.

Costume based baby strollers

Pros and cons of Costume based baby strollers


  • Machine Washable costume
  • 100% Polyester
  • Easily removable
  • Easy to replace with another one


  • Will not fit with every stroller
  • Drying can be a tricky thing

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