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baby humidifier

Baby Humidifier- Why You Should Have a Humidifier?

Is baby humidifier always safe for your Infant?

Caring for the baby’s skin starts from birth. When the baby is born there are various methods and treatment going on for the baby’s skin to not get any harm. (Baby Humidifier)

After observation baby is taken into the normal air environment. A mother protects the baby’s skin by using various lotions and cream to protect him from any harm at home because there are always some impurities in the air which can harm the baby.

Because of impurities in the air, there are various innovative drives are available in the market to help you remove impurities or can help you in gaining what is missing in the air like moisture.

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baby humidifierBaby Humidifier
vicks warm steam vaporizerbaby Humidifier
Oil Cool Mist Humidifierbaby Humidifier
Gallon Warm Mist baby Humidifier
Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizerbaby Humidifier
Deneve Night Light Projectorbaby Humidifier

Here are the Best Baby Humidifiers of 2019; used for baby’s skin so the skin doesn’t get dry. Dry skin can cause rashes to the baby’s body so there is various water-based humidifier available in the market.

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Top 6 best baby Humidifier

Let’s have a look at some Baby humidifier.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Premium Humidifying Unit with 1.5L Water Tank, Whisper-Quiet Operation, Automatic Shut-Off and Night Light Function – Lasts Up to 16 Hours

This air moisturizer by pure enrichment is enriched by great technology and innovation where many automatic features are involved.

baby humidifier

The large storage amount of water tank which will evaporate to give moisture and will help you in sleeping well.

Having automatic features like automatic shut off of low water tank makes it more sensitive and cost saving. It moisturizes for up to 16 hours continuously.

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Pros and cons of baby Humidifier


  • Night light feature
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Automatic off feature
  • Large storage water tank(1.5 litres)
  • Cost-worthy


  • The tank can leak carefully with that
  • Cleaning can be head pain
  • After mouldy, it doesn’t work well.

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Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

For a very long time Vicks is giving us the products which give us instant reliefs especially from cold, cough, etc. just to get good sleep we take Vicks product to get better sleep, having better sleep keeps many problems away.

Gallon Warm Mist

This baby humidifier Walmart by Vicks is one of the great product for getting temporary relief from coughing and congestion problem which will help baby getting comfort and dryness will not irritate the skin.

Pros and cons of Gallon Warm Mist baby Humidifier


  • 5 Sizes
  • Good price
  • 95 % of bacteria removal
  • 1 Gallon tank runs for 24 hours
  • Instant relief


  • The automatic feature doesn’t work every time.
  • Water tank leakages issue
  • Technical Failures
  • Cleaning can tricky

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UR POWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser, Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode, Waterless Auto Shut-off and 7 Color LED Lights Changing for Home Office Baby

This is a new upgraded version of baby humidifier for households and offices. This is one of the best product to clear air and add moist in the air so the lips, skin, and sinuses.

Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

Now with an aroma, you will get quality air as well and baby will enjoy this product. Having good smell with the quality of product with a capacity of 100 ml including 100% pure essential oil and works up to 6 hours. Now you can have good sleep.

Pros and con of Essential Oil Cool Mist baby Humidifier


  • 100% Pure essential oils
  • Hard plastic
  • Adjustable Mist
  • Work up to 6 hours
  • Auto shut off feature
  • 4 Colours


  • Quality compromises with cost
  • Sometimes too much working leads to less oxygen
  • Sometimes smell doesn’t even work.

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PureGuardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist baby Humidifier for Bedrooms, Babies Nursery, Quiet, Filter-Free, Up to 14 Hour Run Time, Treated Tank Surface Resists Mold,…

This is humidifier is good looking and specially made for kids comfort and their skin. With having up to 14 hours run time, and filter-free feature helps skin doesn’t get dry.

 vicks warm steam vaporizer



This can be used anywhere, having a compact design and ultrasonic technology disperses mist and provides relief from the dry air. Silver clean protection will help in preventing mould.

Pros and cons of Baby Humidifier for Bedrooms


  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Silver clean protection
  • Optimize comfort
  • No evaporation pads
  • Compact design with an optional night light
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Many misleading going on
  • Costly
  • Leakage cause of large tank
  • Mist issues

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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer with Nightlight Vaporizer, 1.5 Gallon Tank

This 1.5 Gallon tank vaporizer by Vicks is known for its cough & congestion reliefs. This humidifier can be used anywhere in the bedroom, desk, office, nursery, etc.

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer


It will help in baby’s skin smoothening as well and will up to full day and have an automatic shut off option means saving of resources available.

Pros and cons of Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer baby humidifier


  • Warm mist relief
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Steam Inhalers
  • Having big storage leads to up to full day relief


  • Tricky cleaning
  • Clogged after some time use
  • Costly if compared to others
  • Not that long lasting

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Deneve Night Light Projector, Mood Lighting Lamp Trippy Ambient Color Changing LED for Baby Teens Boys Girls Starry Galaxy with Music Player

This LED-based humidifier has a light show in the night on the walls of the bedroom. It will work as a lamp as well, comes with AC adapter but you can use 3 AAA batteries.

Deneve Night Light Projector



You can connect mp3 iPhone with this; it will surely change the mood and will give great sleep during its functioning.

Pros and cons of LED-based baby humidifier


  • Relaxing LED light show
  • 12 Different colours light
  • Mp3 Connectivity
  • 1 Hour auto shutoff


  • Careful with the power supply in it
  • Not much bright
  • Many fake companies selling this

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