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baby food for good health

Baby food- Best Organic Products suits to your baby

Which food is best for your baby’s health?

When a baby is born in the family and progresses his age with that there is a change in food takes place as well as from breast milk to dairy milk than dairy milk to light food etc. (Baby Food)

But the real thing is the foods which parents are giving to their baby is healthy or not cause brain development is the most important part of the baby’s ageing process.

Parents give fruits which we mostly consider as safest and softest for their infant body which will harm them as well, but still, liquidity is important softer the food easier to digest.

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baby food brandsBaby food
6 Month Creamy Porridge baby foodBaby food
Toddler Milk Drink PowderBaby food
when to give baby foodBaby food
Super Morning Oatmeal Bowl baby foodBaby food
Nestlé Beba Pro baby foodBaby food
Pumpkin & Chicken Scrumble infant dietBaby food
beech nut baby foodBaby food

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Mostly like in gel form foods are given which is great swallow as well. Let’s talk about some baby food which is available in the market. (Baby Food)

HiPP Organic From 4 Months My First Sunday Dinner- 6 x 125 g (Pack of 2, Total 12 Pots)

 baby food brands

Well, this gluten-free food for the baby after 4 months of age is great, having organic contents of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, sweetcorn, etc.

With turkey and rapeseed oil included will provide omega 3 and yes no dairy products included.

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Pros and cons of HiPP Organic baby food for good health


  • Organic food made
  • Total 12 pots
  • No mixing of anything
  • BPA Free
  • Good taste of organic ingredients.


  • Can be costly
  • You never know if your baby will like the taste
  • Can’t be reheated

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Hipp 6 Month Creamy Porridge Packet 160g

The most important meal of the day is the first meal i.e. breakfast, whatever you eat at that time it will refuel the energy.

You lose during the night sleep and will keep you ready for the whole day work routine same goes for baby whatever you will give the baby in breakfast.  (Baby Food)

6 Month Creamy Porridge baby food

It will catch by the body first and easily and will help in the development of his progressing baby. Only for 6 months baby, this cereal is prepared with high ingredients.

Pros and cons of Hipp 6 Month Creamy Porridge baby food 


  • Best nutrients like zinc, protein included
  • Easy to prepare
  • Organic grains used
  • Calcium, vitamins, and iron included


  • Small packets so need to buy in bulk
  • Baby’s taste preference


Enfagrow Premium Older TAll Use toddler Milk Drink Powder 2-pack;24 Oz.each

We all know the power of dairy products especially milk which gives the amount of strength and calcium to human which they thank till lifetime.

Toddler Milk Drink Powder

Drinking milk is like a priority if you go in a healthy lifestyle, the amount of calcium and iron milk can provide no other items can give.  (Baby Food)

This toddler milk is best for 12 months+ age of toddler which will help in the growth and development of their body.

Pros and cons of Enfagrow Premium Older Baby food 


  • Digestive system improvement
  • Growth Support
  • Immune system support
  • Good for brain development


  • Can be costly
  • Must check expiry because there are fake companies.

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A product of Similac Advance Organic Powder Baby Formula, 34 oz. (baby formula – Wholesale Price – Baby Formula [Bulk Savings]

This formula is made with the ingredients which can be found in breast milk as well. It is also used by many hospitals for infants.  (Baby Food)

 when to give baby food

It is a milk based product so you will get many benefits of milk as well with extra iron. Having vitamin E which will help in fighting germs as well. A great formula which can be used for infant’s development.

Pros and cons of Similac Advance Organic Powder Baby food


  • Complete formula of ingredients
  • Combination of nutrients
  • Best for growth and development
  • High in Vitamins and minerals.


  • Costly
  • Buying from authorized store necessary

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Happy Tot, Super Morning Oatmeal Bowl Apples Blueberries Organic, 4.5 Ounce

This super pack is made of Organic contents like blueberries, apple, grain, coconut oil, chia seeds, etc. which will keep the toddlers busy in eating.  (Baby Food)

Super Morning Oatmeal Bowl baby food

Having fibres will not make them feel hungry and will absorb the food better. This healthy oatmeal is great for toddlers development as well.

Pros and cons of Oatmeal Bowl Apples Blueberries Baby food


  • Omega 3 included
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • 0 Sugar


  • Taste preference of baby needs to be monitored
  • Toddler will throw out from the mouth

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Nestlé Beba Pro 1 600 g

This epic formula by Nestle is great for the babies who are from birth to 6 months of age, this bifidobacteria included a formula which is found in breast milk as well is great and having the blend of protein is a great part of it.

It is a Germany based product.

Nestlé Beba Pro baby food

Pros and cons of Nestlé Beba Pro baby food


  • Complete nutrition included
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Long chain LC-PUFA
  • A good amount of protein included.
  • Good price


  • Still, the mother prefers to use organic methods of feeding
  • For middle class can be expensive a bit but worthy.

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Hipp Organic Potato, Pumpkin & Chicken Scrumble 1-3yrs (230g)

The blender of potatoes, pumpkin, and chicken is a great mixture. This non-vegetarian meal for baby is great to them the amount of protein, iron, and calcium.

Which is needed during the growing stage as well? This food is easily chewable and vegetable inclusion makes it more healthy in eating.

Pumpkin & Chicken Scrumble infant diet

Pros and cons of Hipp Organic Potato, Pumpkin baby food 


  • Low price
  • High in protein
  • Fulfils iron and calcium deficiency
  • Small packet big nutrients


  • Shipping prices will be added
  • Cooking can be tricky
  • Not for vegetarians.

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Beech-Nut Stage 1 Naturals (Pack of 6)

This no artificial colour added product is great for the 4 months and older. This pear and 100% natural food like banana, lemon, etc makes it rich with nutrition.  

 beech nut baby food

It is a great first food product which you can give to your baby. No fats simple fibres included so they can absorb more of it.

Pros and cons of Beech-Nut Stage 1 Naturals baby food


  • Natural 100%
  • Natural ingredients
  • Super soft
  • Instant energy


  • Costly cause of shipping charges
  • There is a chance baby may not like to cause its first time

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